It’s the 21st century and almost everything is heading sideways. From our economy to the government, to the youth lifestyle. What the previous generation tried to instill in us did not penetrate as they thought. Youths follow trends forget morals and respect anyone who is able to balance being woke and earn money. No matter the major changes that we have witnessed in lifestyle and pop culture, there are some things that just can’t get old, Love. It is not a word we throw around as casually as before when it was a simple word depicting care. Love is still the same but, the ways in which it is demonstrated between now and then can be equated to a large space between extreme and just simple.

If you ever read Fifty Shades Of Grey, extremity in love is the book’s life force. I read the book in 2016. Since then I have gotten more accustomed to what some may term, “Acts of Love”. I have seen the ridiculous, funny, stupid, sweet, etc. My view of all this is very one-sided as I am judging based on how I was raised. As I am a typical Nigerian child, who never saw her parents kiss, some of the things I write about might be so normal to you.

PDA. Apparently, if you are in love, as in chest-deep in love you’d show the world. Why? Because you just have to. Everybody must know. In these recent times of your boyfriend is another’s side guy, I think this is actually wise. Everyone knows their status because clearly, Love is now something as contagious as HIV infection.

Posting your partner’s pictures. This is similar to PDA. Whenever I see a guy on my status post a girl’s picture who is not related to him as frequently as he updates his status, I immediately think they are dating or on their way to dating. This is good. I don’t fault this but, people do not show love the same way. It is always funny when a couple fights because one of them does not post his or her pictures as much as the other online.

Expensive gifts and grand gestures. This is a really old school in comparison to the previous two. Grand gestures are different from buying expensive gifts. In grand gestures, you do something that will mean a lot to your partner, this could be something as simple as refilling your partner’s car tank. While buying expensive gifts is what it is, buying expensive gifts. 

Being available. Have you ever sent someone a message that requires a reply and the person leaves you on read? The person did not even bother to turn off the read receipts. The thoughts that come to me whenever that happens is that the person does not even rate me talk less of love. If you love someone the best and easiest way to show it is by being available. 

This article was written by Anene Chukwudumebi; connect with him on IG here 

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