So, I figured something quite exciting. The year 2017 would be a year of not just content marketing but emotional content marketing.


For about two to three years, content marketing has been the main medium of marketing, stories have sprung up everywhere, on every blog, in every website, etc. There is a story here about how using this laptop can make your business run smoother than using any other laptop, there is a story there about how visiting my website can build your market etc. Even brands have tapped into content marketing as a way to attract more interaction between them. An example is YNaija’s “The church blog”. Market niches that we didn’t know existed before are beginning to spring up.


But then, content is everywhere, people read less now because they literally have to process so much information right from when they wake till when they go to bed. You wake up and the first thing you want to do is check your likes on your last Instagram post; Next, you are going through tweets, another hell-load of information. You are checking snap chat, Facebook, Linda Ikeji’s blog, Bella Naija, and the list is endless. The content market is so saturated but what would make you stand out in 2017? EMOTIONAL CONTENT.


When I say emotional content, what do I mean? People are not looking for regular stories anymore, those are too mainstream. They want stories of how you struggled really hard and became something. Which is why Toke’s book was successful, asides the fact that her name also sold it, many people read the book and they would tell you they were touched one way or the other. Either to feel pity or to feel anger at her naivety or something, they were “sha” touched. People are not looking for stories of a man that left his wife, they are looking for stories of the emotions the man went through while leaving his wife. People are not looking for stories on how a pastor got divorced, rather they want to know how the divorce affected his ministry and how he conquered.


We can see people already tapping into Emotional Content like TY Bello’s stories which come with every picture she puts up on social media, we even saw what she did with Olajumoke the bread seller turned model. We can see that on YNaija’s Nigerian Stories, and we can see that with “Humans Of NewYork”


If you are a photographer, people want to hear about how you captured the smile of that child in Makoko when he wasn’t looking and how you sat and listened to him as he told his tale of how his parents abandoned him, how life has been terrible for him, how he barely survives. If you are a caterer, people want to hear about how you took up a project called FeedFive, where you feed five homeless children per week, and how doing this has changed your life. Not about how good your pictures are. Hell! There are too many photographers there, so what stands you out? Not about how awesome your cooking is, I can cook myself.


In other words, people do not want to hear stories anymore, those are too mainstream!!! People want to hear stories that touch.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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