Life hacks are not new. Some are just recycled junks from archaic times. Life hacks are all about making work easy. Some things may get sophisticated and one may get lost trying to decipher a way out of the mess. The problem is: there are too many life hacks out there, some aren’t all that good and may not help one out in the long run. So, we will just consider the worthwhile ones and hopefully these ones help you out whenever you are in need. People do not have to be a genius to figure out ways. We do not have to wait for researchers to be given grants worth millions before they come up with solutions to fix our problems. Smartness starts from the bedroom. Smart people have found out cheap methods for these simple everyday problems.

  • Stained pressing Iron? Just get a rag made of real cotton and spread toothpaste on it till steam. Gently wipe the surface with the cloth till it cleans.


  • Are you a heavy sleeper and no matter how loud your alarm is, you cannot just wake up? Get a glass cup; put your phone in it. It’s going to amplify the volume- louder and noisy.


  • Apple provides a better morning wake-up call than a cup of coffee or Lipton (Also a health trick).


  • Use a wooden spoon across a boiling container of water to stop it from boiling over.


  • Spread newspapers at the bottom of waste bins to absorb food juices that will later result to foul odour.


  • When warming leftover- by microwave or gas. Create a space/circle in the middle; it will heat up the food evenly.


  • Use coke to clean toilet. It brings out the white colour of the WC.


  • Tired of button always loosening? Use clear nail polish to stick button and thread together.


  • Put money in a sanitary napkin package before putting it in purse/wallets. No one will steal it.


  • Use ice to remove chewing gum from hair.


  • Some people cry when cutting onions. Just chew gum!


  • Use the inside of banana peel to whiten teeth. It works.


  • You’ve got white sneakers and you keep walking into mud. That definitely sucks. Get baking powder and lemon/vinegar. Mix both. Use a brush to scrub the stains.


Life hacks are endless. People keep discovering them every day.



This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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