Not every day Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even Africa Magic, sometimes go to the basics and visit Youtube. Unlimited film options, pirated cinema films, and films from the past present, and future; are just some of the perks of Nollywood on Youtube. I can’t promise you they’ll all be good films and worth your time, but at least give it a chance, you may find one or two great ones. Take a chance on Nollywood on Youtube and be entertained.

1. Heart Fragrance

I can’t even type this film’s premise without cackling, this is a good weekend watch for you and your friends.

2. When Men Cry

If you loved Maurice Sam in Blood Sisters, then you’ll love him in When Men Cry.

3. Two Peas

I watched this film a couple of days ago and I actually enjoyed it. You see this Sonia Uche? We need to keep an eye on her because there’s so much untapped talent right there.

4. The Funny Money

Igwe 2pac is in the film, need I say more?

5. Trophy Wives

When has women fighting over a man not been funny?

6. Tangle Web

Ruth Kadiri as a nun? dkm, this would definitely be an interesting watch.

7. The Auction

Truly entertaining. Timini in his bad-boy-supersptar element, love to see it.

8. You Before Us

It looks like it’ll be good.

9. A Sister’s Tale

It looks promising, give it a chance.

10. Entangled

Bimbo Ademoye, Timini Egbuson and Efa Iwara all in one film??? It’s definitely going to be one hell of a ride.

11. Deep State

I watched this a couple of months ago, and even though I was hardly concentrating, the parts of the film I caught were actually engaging.

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