Just like physical strength, growing your mental strength requires healthy habits and exercises

Even the most inattentive of us would know by now that life is not a bed of roses. It has been said in low and loud tones, it has formed the lyrics of many of the songs that we listen to, and it has been written in bold prints in the books that we read. We have heard it in stories and we have been in situations that made us wish for life to be easier. The truth is that life is not a piece of cake, challenges and straits are inevitable in life.

So how do you face life’s challenges when they come? Of course, looking to heaven is one way, but there is something you can do to help yourself through life, especially in tough times. One good way to face the twists of life is by being mentally strong. I would have loved to say otherwise but the truth is life is like a big sea, where the big fishes consume the smaller and weaker ones. You don’t want to appear feeble or weak in the race of life, especially when it comes to issues of the mind, because the mind is a powerful human tool, where battles are either won or lost.

Just like physical strength, growing your mental strength requires healthy habits and exercises.

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Here are some habits and exercises that can help you grow your mental strength:

Don’t fear alone time

Alone time or quiet time as you might prefer to call it, is perfect for reflection, meditation which helps you grow a healthier mindset. Even by just soaking in the silence, you have an ambience that allows you collect thoughts and assess situations undisturbed, this way; you can find the best ways to approach situations or issues.

Don’t dwell on the past

The only thing you should take from the past is the lesson. Dwelling on the past is one way to slow down your mental growth. So while you’re trying to grow a rich paradigm, don’t pollute it with fumes from the past; past failures, anger or loss. These things should not hold you to the base and prevent you from strengthening your mind.

Don’t feel the world owes you

The mistake a lot of us made and some still make,is that we believe that the world is meant to entertain or please us. Please, please and please understand that the world does not operate that way. Remember that it was God that said “ask and you shall receive,” not man. So don’t expect everyone you ask for help to give you a favourable response. Yes, it happens but thinking that everyone you ask for help MUST help you would be a clown’s act. Nobody owes thou sh*t! The earlier you understand this, the more you develop your philosophical equanimity and concomitantly, your mental strength grows.

Don’t expect immediate results

Be patient and persistent with your push. Growing in mental strength is a conscious exercise that requires continuous build-up. You do not suddenly become mentally strong by reading one book or getting one good advice. You have to continue engaging in activities that would help you in growing your mental strength. Read good books, listen to rich music, make friends with brilliant minds, fuel your quiet time with purposeful thoughts and you will grow a rich mindset.

Don’t worry about pleasing everyone

Trying to please everyone is a futile exercise. The truth is, no one has ever pleased everyone, not even Jesus. While trying to please everyone, you will expend all your resources and still have people to please. The fact is, you lose your focus and direction trying to please everyone, because people have different expectations and beliefs. When you fail to please someone or certain people, which is a sure thing, you find yourself unnecessarily disturbed and this is bad for your mental growth.

Don’t waste energy on things you cannot control

There are too many things going on and you can only influence few of them. It is wise to conserve your energy on those few things you can control rather than trying to influence things out of your reach. For instance, you should focus on having the best response to whatever people approach you with, rather than expecting to be approached politely all the time. You cannot choose how other people act; you can only decide your own actions. By focusing on your own actions and reactions, you prepare yourself mentally, unlike the likelihood of disappointment from expecting politeness from everyone.

Don’t let others influence your emotions

It is a blessing to have a mind of your own. It gives you consistency of thought and action. This way, you can avoid being constantly caught in mood swings, thus, allowing you to steady the growth of your mental strength. One of the true tests of your mental strength is how you respond to external factors. In fact, the level of your mental strength strongly influences the way you react and act to the action of others. So grow your mental strength and you would have better control of your emotions, rather than letting others control your emotions.

Don’t resent on other people’s success

Learn not to expend your resources on resenting the successes of others. You cannot afford to continue spending your mental energy on jealousy or hate. Hate is bad. Give up those and channel your energy on being successful yourself. Tell yourself that you deserve success too and go for it, relentlessly. By doing this, you’d find out that you would have fed your mind with nutrients to help it grow. Let me leave you with a valuable tweet by Ric Hassani, “supporting another person’s success won’t even dampen yours.

Don’t shy away from your responsibilities

Taking responsibility of things gives you a sense of purpose. It gives you direction and causes you to focus and all these are essential for growth of mental strength. Running away from your responsibility dampens your confidence and your sense of value, and usually; these things weaken your mental strength.

Don’t fear taking calculated risks

Take risks, calculated ones. The result is always going to help you improve your mental strength. If you fall, you can learn from it, if you soar, it boosts your confidence. So either way you’re getting something you can feed your mind with.

This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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