Have you ever thought of what may happen in 10 years from now? What your world would come to look like? What would be the social media engagements rate in Nigeria? How fast would information travel to its intended audience? Here is a list of what I think Nigeria would look like in 10 years.

Nigeria In 10 years…

  • More new faces would be involved in politics especially in Nigeria. This would be so because more people are beginning to realize that governance is each and everyone’s responsibility and not the responsibility of just those already there.
Debola Williams with President Buhari

      Debola Williams with President Buhari

  • More SMEs would have been formed leading to more jobs creation.
Rotimi Williams, owner of Nigeria's second largest rice farm

Rotimi Williams, owner of Nigeria’s second largest rice farm

  • There would be a decrease in the pursuit of professional courses and an increase in pursuit of things that are more entertainment inclined like music, fashion etc.
Falz on Music and Business

    Falz on Music and Business

  • More people would be involved in tech. as that would be the most seeming quickest way to get money.

Andrew Airelobhegbe of Ogavenue        Andrew Airelobhegbe of Ogavenue

  • Everybody would have an app, the way everybody has a blog now.


  • There would be a dearth of knowledge as more youths are more interested in reading about gossip, than national matters.
Linda Ikeji - most popular Nigerian blogger

Linda Ikeji – most popular Nigerian blogger

  • We would have had a woman as president in Nigeria.


  • The rate at which people get married would be lesser. More people would be just comfortable with being lovers.


  • Divorce rates would be higher because of the use of social media and conformity to social media standards.


  • The younger generation would be a lot less intelligent as they were not able to develop cognitive skills of thinking due to the fact that they could just google anything up.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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