Everyone has had a crush once or even multiple times in their lives and it’s good. Moreover we are humans and open to appreciating the beauty of the world.

People who have had crushes in the past can testify that everything is different whenever their crush is around. Time seems to slow as this person walks in slow motion. The air smells different …

The truth is one never knows why they are crushing on someone, the real reason remains a mystery and this mystery breeds an interest. That was how curiosity killed the cat… innit?!

I have had crushes in the past and I can tell you they did not work out… why? I have all the reasons in the following paragraphs that follow. If a crush was heaven sent why didn’t yours work out for you?

  • One-sided attraction

For a relationship to work, both parties have to be in it to WIN it. When you initially like a crush, feelings most of the time is one-sided. This person has no idea you feel what you feel for them and so there is no room for reciprocation in this love or lust attraction.

  • Interests

When you eventually walk up the courage to talk to this person and hangout, you realize that you both don’t share the same interests or views on life. Now you are stuck in a dilemma – walk up strength and move on or pretend to like what they like and remain empty.

  • Self absorbed

Your crush and the world they live revolve only around themselves. Everything else in the world is of no consequence. Even you.

When someone likes or fancies you the way you do for them, their number one priority is getting to know you and everything about you. If you meet someone who doesn’t ask questions about you in a bid to get to know you better, the person doesn’t care for you.

  • One of the guys

This is the worst place you could ever hope to be in especially with someone you plan to be romantically attached to. If a crush zones you, just forget it. You have reached a point of no return.

  • Body language is silent

Your crush is not as excited as you are to see them or be around them. They don’t even pretend to make you happy. Whenever you both link up in the same circles, privately or in public their body language is flat.

For the sake of self esteem and self worth, keep it moving!

  • No engagement

Communication with your crush is very bland and unengaging. You are the one who always starts up the conversation and it is always monosyllabic no matter the mood.

  • Perfection

In a world of no perfection, there are people who continually seek it even though they also fall short. Anyone who doesn’t accept you for who you are isn’t worth giving a second thought to.

  • Excuses

When you constantly make excuses for their horrible actions because deep down you are a good person and seek to also find the good in people. But if you won’t call a snake a snake instead say it’s hissing because it has no teeth well … it’s your bed you might as well sleep on it.

  • Don’t Change Me

Change is constant if it’s for good. When you start being around someone who wants you to become someone you are not and every time you look in the mirror you find yourself looking for the real you, they are NOT perfect for you.

The truth is when we fall for someone who is good for us; they instantly make us want to be better – yes, for them, but also for ourselves. Don’t lose yourself looking for love acceptance.

  • Red Flag

If you spot a red flag it needs to be addressed. Whatever the red flag is from privacy to overly flirty or emotionally locked. If you avoid addressing the issue it is going to affect you later on in the long run. If you sense something that doesn’t sit well with you, it is probably a thing of great worry.


This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi

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