It’s a new year and most people have thought about, put together, and written their goals for the new year; these include personal goals, career goals, relationship goals, etc. The aim is not just to write these goals, but to smash them and to do that, we need all the right resources, and that includes the right advice.

For some people, at the top of their list, this year is starting a business. The journey to starting a business is not an easy one, and even after the launch of the business, keeping it sustainable also entails a lot of work and requires a substantial amount of knowledge.

Last year, we spoke to 10 young and successful entrepreneurs. At the end of each of their interviews, we asked them to share some advice for potential entrepreneurs. To kick off the year, we decided to put together all of the advice they gave in the interviews, so we could ensure aspiring entrepreneurs are off to a great start.

1. SHE-EO of Taeley’s Palace and Events Ebosetaeley Ann Okoyo says, “I would say do a lot of research on the sector you’re trying to start your business in. Also, meet new people, go to events, make connections, and market yourself and your business. I didn’t understand how much connections play a big part in any business you do until I started my business. Knowing the right people can take you further than you think. Be very passionate about any business you do, because honestly, doing business in Nigeria is hard and can be frustrating, but as long as you love what you do and you have a passion for what you’re doing, you’re good.

2. Ikechukwu Urum, CoFounder/Director of Jabari Model Management and Team Lead at The Qraft Company, had this to say: “Do a lot of research, be willing to learn, celebrate your little wins, and don’t stop growing.

3. Jermaine Okpe, CEO of Jermaine Media and entertainment guru, shared this, “Stay true to yourself; the only person who can help you is you, so don’t sell your soul for nothing. Time truly is of the essence, so growth and success take time. Be patient. Pray, work hard, be steadfast, and success will find you. Finally, don’t give up!

4. Adaeze Aduaka, TV Presenter, Event Host, Model, and SHE-EO of Vavoom Express, advises: be consistent and remain focused.

Stephney Bass, CEO of Bass Digital Media, tailored her advice to potential female CEOs. She says, “Keep believing in yourself, always be open-minded and willing to learn. Nobody knows best. It’s okay to fail but learn from your mistakes. Your only competition is YOU. “

6. Gen-Z Startup entrepreneur and CEO of The Gallivanter Traventures and Alexandrite Apparel, Osumah Victoria, had a message for young entrepreneurs just starting up: To young entrepreneurs just starting up, put in your best and keep going. Don’t compare or judge others’ success with your progress. Keep going. Always be open to learning and correction. Just keep doing what you do with love, and follow the right processes. Your space at the top is right there for you. “

7. Mbonne Esenju, owner of Everly, a female-owned handmade handbag retail store, shared this advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “It’s a brave thing that you have started. Don’t worry too much about things not falling into place at first; you’ll get the hang of things with time. One thing you should take seriously is your customer experience. There may be a thousand people doing the same business as you, but what could set these businesses apart is your customer service. Invest time in giving your customers a great experience. Also, make sure you enjoy running your business.”

8. Nafiu Damilola Modupe, the owner of Gemzen, a jewellery and personal shopping store, had this to say: If you must go into business, do what you love because that will make everything seem easy, even if you are struggling.

9. Professional shoemaker and CEO of Dé Chayil, Omoye Abulimen, shared this advice for other female entrepreneurs who are just starting in male-dominated industries: There’s nothing to fear. What a man can do, I believe we can do better. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. I don’t see why I should be scared. If anything at all, people would celebrate you for being tenacious, daring, and consistent. So please do not give up; keep on the journey. It is not an easy one, but it is worth it.”

10. Kolade Mayowa, crochet bag architect and owner of HookedByLade, dished out this piece of advice: It all takes time, and don’t feel guilty for taking your time to start. And once you commit, don’t hold back. Instead, put in all the energy and time you can find, and you’ll be glad you did. Maybe not instantly, but you’ll surely reap where you sow.”

We hope this sets you on the right track and gives you the push and motivation to succeed this year. You can do IT!

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