We know building right habits is crucial. It is also really difficult to break off from the ones we already have and wish we didn’t.

As one of my favourite quotes goes, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Building right habits can help us making our life a lot easier. It can also helps us become smarter and more creative, as those repeated actions will sharpen your mind.

Below you can find a list of habits which you can add to your daily routine so they can help you improve your work, life, memory and creativity. Also they can help you expand your knowledge, become more social and more intelligent.

 Start by trying to come up with a few new ideas each day

This for sure will raise your creative abilities and remember  – those ideas don’t have to be big and ground-breaking, just something new.

Ask yourself questions

Too many things we do without thinking. That’s why so many mistakes happen. Always try to make what you do completely fool-proof. Questioning yourself this way, will help you raise the quality of your work and also discover new angles and solutions we normally overlook.

Read and watch educational shows instead of TV Drama shows

How many hours a day regular person wastes on entertainment that doesn’t bring any actual benefit? You can switch those activities for something that will not only entertain you but also will help you learn something new.

Have a few favorite sources of knowledge and creativity

Make sure during your daily deeds, you check out stuff you find interesting, stuff that brings you knowledge and inspires your creativity. This can be anything from a science articles, checking out some new books, music, etc.

Share interesting stuff you learnt

When you share and discuss what you learn, it helps you remember it but also influences people around you in a positive way.

Apply what you learn

Here is where your curiosity should step in. If you read an interesting recipe, try it out. If you find out a new method to solve your problem, try it out and record the results. Learning through application is the best way to really understand how something works.

Have a few lists to keep you going: to do list, I did it list and I should stop it doing list 

If you keep track of don’t do it list, it will be easier to avoid the same mistakes. Having an I did list, helps you feel more fulfilled and actually see the results of what you were doing. Same with keeping to do list, makes your days more organized, leaving you with more energy for other actions.

Try to breakthrough your limits, each day a little bit

By doing so, you can expand your areas of expertise and develop your experience.

Have some time to do nothing

Having a busy and productive day can be overwhelming so remember to take some time, at least few minutes a day to just shut down your eyes for a moment and do nothing. Just breath and relax, to avoid gathering too much tension in your body.

Exercise and eat healthy

Although it sounds like a cliche and we are constantly informed how important diet and exercise is, but in deed, it is through exercise, that you can relief a lot of stress and boost your energy. When you pair it up with healthy food you drastically lower the danger of over-stressing and loosing motivation. When food is good, life is food.

Article written by Dagmara Chen, a 26-year old entrepreneur based in Poland. This article is part of a series – The Lateral Journal

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