Are you in Nigeria for the holidays and looking for a perfect location for a getaway? Or simply just want to getaway from work and the regular life chaos? Whether you’re the explorer, the adventurer, or the beach bum, here are 10 amazing locations for weekend getaways.


Green Legacy Resort


Location: Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Contains: Hotel Room Accommodations, Playground, Artificial Lake, Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Bars, Rocks.

Activities: Boat Rides, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Camel Back Riding.


Yankari Resort and Safari 


Location: Bauchi

Contains: Hotel Room Accommodations, Warm Springs, Wildlife Animal and Plant Species, Waterfalls, River Valleys, Isolated Hills, Marshall Caves.

Activities: Swimming, Viewing and Sightseeing of Safari, Exploring the Marshall Caves.


Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort


Location: Ekiti State.

Contains: Site where cold and warm springs meet, Hotel Room Accommodations, Warm Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Bar.

Activities: Swimming, Exploring the cold and warm spring meeting point.


Abraka Turf and Country club


Location: Abraka, Delta State.

Contains: Chalet Accomodations, zoo, Forest Walkway, Swimming Pool, Lake, Restaurant and Bar.

Activities: Swimming, Forest Walk, Fishing, Quad Biking, Horseback Riding.


Idanre Hills Resort


Location: Idanre, Ondo State

Contains: Idanre Hill, Chalet Accommodations, Swimming Pool, Playground for Kids, Restaurants & Bar, Indoor Sports Facilities.

Activities: Idanre Hill climbing, Swimming, Games, Sports.


La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort


Location: Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

Contains: Beach, Chalet Accomodation, Swimming pool, Outdoor Sport Facilities, Restaurant & Bar.

Activities: Swimming, Kayaking, Sports, Board Games, Quad biking, Water sports.


Obudu Mountain Resort


Location: Calabar

Contains: Chalet Accommodation, Cable Cars, Sport Facilities, Mountain, Hiking Trails, Waterpark, Canopy Walk.

Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Cable Car Tour, Swimming, Bird Watching, Horseback Riding, Indoor and outdoor sports.


Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort


Location: Calabar

Contains: Waterpark, Hotel Room Accommodations, Restaurants & Bars, Games Arcade, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Activities: Swimming, Water Sports, Boat Rides, Games.


Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure


Location: Lagos

Contains: Chalet accommodation, Beach, Swimming pool, Spar, Restaurant & Bar, Sport Facilities.

Activities: Swimming, Boat Ride, Water Sports, Quad Biking, Outdoor Sports, Horseback Riding.


Kajuru Castle


Location: Kajuru Village, Kaduna

Contains: Accomodation, Swimming pool, Garden, View of surrounding mountains.

Activities: Swimming, Hiking in the mountains, Tour of the Castle.


Culled from Mercy Williams Explores

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