Youths: Have Faith In Yourself? [Entry 70]

I was scrolling mindlessly through Instagram (is there any other way?), when I saw a quote that caught my eye: “Have faith in yourself.
This way of thinking has been thrown in my face since my disney channel watching days. “Believe in yourself.” Such a humanistic, prideful approach to life.
It’s really quite simple: Anything I have accomplished, it is because God did it through me. The air in our lungs, our legs to walk, our hands to touch, our voice to speak, our brains to think: it’s all because of Him. Everything is by His Grace.
Have faith in myself? You mean, me? This sinner? This weak, emotional wreck? I’m so glad I don’t have to have faith in my fickle little self. I have a God who already has my future all written out. I have a God that loves me more than any human could, and who wants the absolute best for me. I have a God who created the entire universe!
So when you’re facing a challenge of any kind–think of it this way:
I can be strong, because God is strengthening me.
I can be brave, because God is with me and will help me.
I can do this, because God is for me.
I will get through this, because God is in control.
Refocus. Less me, more God. It’s such a freeing feeling knowing, I don’t have to have it all planned out.
Because, God already does.
I AM NOT IN CONTROL. God is. And “it is well with my soul.”
Things going awesome? That’s because of God, not you. He empowered you to accomplish what you’ve done. All blessings flow from Him.
Things rough right now? That’s because God is refining you, drawing Him closer to you, and strengthening your faith in Him. These trials prevent us from “believing in ourselves” when things go awesome again.
So no more of this, “have faith in yourself” crapola. Shift your thinking to God. All because of him. All Glory to Him. Make Him the center of each step you take. Don’t let Him be an afterthought, just when you need help getting out of your mess.
Have faith in God.”
This article was written by Adedeji Oluwafemi; connect with him on IG here

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