Youth Lifestyle [Entry 71]

Social media has gone crazy with showing off misplaced priorities. Immorality is the order of the day. Gone are the days when everyone wanted to have a decent lifestyle and keep their indecent affairs secret. Nowadays, young men talk about body count and illegal money rather than legal business ventures and responsible living. Ladies would rather show curves and cleavage than manners and intelligence. Truth be told, it’s hard being a youth, to live with your whole life ahead of you. These are the years that we use to make a foundation for our lives. We try to come out of our parent’s shadows and carve a place for ourselves in the world. There’s so much pressure that we find it easy to get lost in things of pleasure. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re looking for a way out of this mess, which is why drug dealers make good money. Every generation has its own troubles; racism, slavery etc. I think this generation’s troubles are negative trends. The internet, which was created to connect people across great distances and share information, resources, cultures and other positive attributes of diversity, is now the main carrier of bad influence.

Technology isn’t making it easier. In fact, it encourages laziness to a disturbingly extreme extent. Work previously done by humans has over the years been taken over by metallic constructs. At this rate, in a few years, most production processes and manual labour would be in the hands of robots. Even thought processes are being replaced with the invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Careers of present day earth are in trouble and the youths have to compete with the evolving times and come up with solutions to stay relevant.

Fear of the unknown is ever present in the life of a youth. Some use the euphoria as motivation as they carry on, while others struggle with the feeling and don’t find it as thrilling. Present day youth lifestyle is filled with struggles and vices, everyone is just trying to figure out their place in this universe or desperately trying to escape it.


This article was written by Robert Onugha; connect with him on IG here

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