Youth: The Hope And Leaders Of Tomorrow [Entry 55]

Since time immemorial, I’ve heard people chanting and saying “youth are hope and leaders of tomorrow?”. Perhaps I was bothered if this statement is true in its real sense. However, this question reminds me of Michelle Phiri(Malawi) who said:

“we were told that youth are the leaders of tomorrow but when does tomorrow starts?”

Ofcourse, there might exist an element of truism in this popular statements, however, the way the table keeps turning all around engraved my heart with more inconvenience, why ain’t youth referred to as leaders of today and not tomorrow anymore?. However, either youth are  leaders of today or tomorrow, these questions should be well addressed, are youth ready for the leadership? Did youth keep the hopes alive? Did youth lifestyle show they are ready for leadership position?. Nevertheless, all that matters is youth desire and intention to make a difference between yesterday and today.

The youth lifestyles by now should have demonstrated that the long awaited tomorrow is today and indeed now. Many generations has come and pass on this same told lies which I’ve deduced that the lifestyles of youth has made this word persist and with little or no care we might continue to live by it.

The persistence questions however  remains, how far do we hope to go with these? For how long do we wait for tomorrow? When does tomorrow starts? For as long as we keep these questions unanswered, the youth as hope and leaders of tomorrow remains a mere words of mouth.

It’s never a tale talk that youth do not consider the said tomorrow to be today, if they did, they wouldn’t mind changing the corrupt lifestyle they wallowed in. Hence, the few good leaders are not ready to carry youth along. The lifestyle of youth should therefore show an act readiness as hope and leaders of tomorrow, this lifestyles should include been corruption free, well educated and finally having a positive mind.

Finally, leadership in the context of this writing is not limited to political class, it encompasses the characteristics of people who excel to a level that their actions and achievements inspires others to become the best. The need for readiness of youth through their lifestyles goes a wider range of skills acquisition and appropriate education.

On a final note therefore, Arinze’s journal reveals that:
Until one is able to exercise full leadership over oneself, one cannot be ready to lead anyone else” This quote however explains that the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Hence, the youth as hope and leaders of tomorrow isn’t really tomorrow but today and perhaps now.

This article was written by Adebayo Faysol A.; connect with him on IG here

67 thoughts on “Youth: The Hope And Leaders Of Tomorrow [Entry 55]

  1. Hmnnn!what’s a good writeup that I would love our leader to glance through may be they would also understand and consider we youths…

    May God bless you for the good writeup

    My regards!

  2. interesting, Indeed this write up is lovely. Sincerely speaking, their is still hope that the youth of today will b a leader tomorrow. All will need is guide from our present leader, I mean proper guide.

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    interesting, Indeed this write up is lovely. Sincerely speaking, their is still hope that the youth of today will b a leader tomorrow. All will need is guide from our present leader, I mean proper guid

  4. I love this topic and how it has been addressed.

    The fact is youth cannot be leaders of tomorrow except they are are given that chance to start today.

  5. This is real inspirational. Youth too need to equipped themselves with the right knowledge,love what they do, take responsibility and be prayerful.

  6. Bankole Akeem Babatunde · Edit

    Bravo Fayol. Youth!Seek God guidance on whatever you do and expect more from yourself than from others.Because expectations from others
    hurt a lot,while expectations from yourself inspire a lot.

  7. This is a good write up and an eye opener for critical evaluation of the phrase, “Youth, leaders of tomorrow”. Though an expression of hope and assurance of a better future, but a falsehood in practical application. Every nation needs her youth because they are considered as vibrant actors of social change with limitless energy and revolutionary inclinations. But unfortunately in Nigeria, youth are being used for destructive activities and social vices by the very elders who promised them “tomorrow”, rather than allowing them to contribute to national development. The same set of youth are used in electoral malpractices and other vices like thuggery and snatching of ballot boxes, blackmail and even assassination by the class of elite dt promised them leadership! Where then is dt tomorrow for them?
    Youth need to actually rise up to d challenge of wrestling powers from d so called elite and assume leadership roles. Education,self-discipline,determination,industry and focus are d key factors required to achieve this feat.

  8. Unfortunately, the so called future leaders are not ready to take over the mantle of leadership as we have seen in some youth that were given the chance.

  9. A good write up. In fact it shows that we still have future leaders among youth who are willingly to take God guidance and d footsteps of good leaders .May Allah Ramaan increase ur level of understanding and gvs u more wisdom

  10. Bravo!Tomorrow and today’s leadership has been grossly affected by moral decadence in our midst!This write up clearly point out the solution ‘having positive mind’with that the power in youth will be liberated

  11. Very inspiring piece. Its a clarion call to youth to rise up to their responsibilities. There is no tomorrow anywhere if one does not do the needful today.


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