There is usually a clear distinction between fact and fiction. So also, a lot of fictional movie story-lines are considered far from real. But the movie – Wedding Party has proven to be an outlier.

It is old news that the two main actors in the movie, Dunni & Dozie, who both got married against the odds, are tying the knot for real. Adesua Etomi & Banky W would really be getting married. This has already caused wild excitement among fans but the news of Dunni & Dozie continuing their love in Wedding Party Part 2, has left a lot of Nigerian movie lovers unsure.

Naturally, fans would love to have a sequel to an interesting movie, which Wedding Party qualifies to be classed as, but the conclusion to the first part of the movie was widely believed to be the perfect type of ending, and that a sequel is unnecessary. Many consider the story of two lovers, closing the gap of ethnic disparities and past love escapades to get married, a good enough ending. Dunni & Dozie already appear to have a happy end. So, the news of Wedding Party 2 being filmed has split the audience, while some fans are excited, some others are sceptical, asking, what is the new direction to the story?

From the teasers on the media, Dunni appears to be pregnant and Dozie holds a travelling bag. That    particular picture was posted with the question, “Is Dozie ready for fatherhood or trying to escape?” While this has been successful at putting a section of the fans in suspense, another section are waiting to confirm their scepticism.

Although the rumours of interesting entertainers like Patience Ozonkwo, Chinwetalu Agu, Chigurl, Seyi Law, being introduced to the Wedding Party 2 gives us something to muse about, however, it is feared that the direction of the story could possibly be dishearteningly warped and unduly stretched, simply to justify the yearns of the makers of the movie.

The notoriey of Patience Ozonkwo and Chinwetalu Agu suggests that they are in Wedding Party 2 to play the roles of mean relatives, perhaps they would appear as a couple in the movie. It is logical to think that they would be related to Dozie, since he seems to be from the Eastern region. Fans should be expecting the new pair to bring hell to the world of the celebrated movie couple. It would be interesting to have an actress like Yemi Oshodi, aka Surutu and perhaps, Kareem Adepoju aka Baba Wande, to balance it up on Dunni’s side.

From the images online, the comedians, Seyi Law and Chigurl were garbed in the uniform of law enforcement agents, looking like those operating at the airport. Since Dozie has been seen with his travelling bag, this hints that Dozie might have some troubles on his journey, if actually he would be travelling. The duo of Chigurl and Seyi Law could pair up to produce unimagineably hilarious scences, which would help in endearing Wedding Party 2 to the general public.

It would be interesting to see how the patches of the story connect, and hopeful, by defying the skepticism, Wedding Party 2 would be as successful the first. In the end, most fans would be hoping the makers of the movie would not soil the pleasure they derived from watching Wedding Party 1, with a whack and incoherent outlook of Wedding Party 2.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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