Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation And Its Mission For Children And Women

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation is a charity organization based in Nigeria. It is duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and was founded by Wadi Ben-Hirki, a young and passionate 20-year old Nigerian. Its primary mission is re-igniting the lost hope of the hurting women and children.

Some of our other projects:

                   Wadi Ben-Hirki

The Street2School project

We believe that every child has the right to learn, and access to education transforms the lives of children, their families and communities at large. An educated population is the foundation for sustainable development.

Through Street2School, we transform the lives of as many children as we can, who helplessly wander the streets, by taking them to good schools where they encounter well-trained teachers and basic materials needed for children to learn. Not only that, they also acquire skills and vocations in order for them to be independent, fend for themselves and to become relevant in the society. This helps solve the problems of social vices such as child labour, ‘thuggery’, theft or pick-pocketing and so on. The #Street2School initiative is an innovation in emergency education because it is centered on reigniting the hope of less privileged children, most of whom have lost either one or both parents or have lost the places in which they once called home and seem to have given up on life entirely.


This is aimed at promoting gender equality in the society and reduce/stop child-bride marriages, female genital mutilation, child tracking and incidences of rape in our country and beyond. It is also aimed at ensuring that girls have access to quality education and are empowered through workshops, seminars, skills acquisition among others.

They learn that there is a place for them in life that supersedes any prior trauma, lost opportunities or past disappointments.

Project LITMOW (Love In The Midst Of War)

This project is only currently run in Northern Nigeria. Most especially but not limited to, the North-Eastern part of the country which has been greatly affected by the Boko Haram insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives and property thereby displacing people including local indigenes. This project is aimed at reaching out to the people who were greatly affected by the Boko Haram attacks; especially the children. We aim at reaching out to them and showing love to them, even in the midst of war.

For Support, Donations or more information on our projects and campaigns, please reach us via: 

Phone: +23480355995868, +2347037796894

Email:  wadibenhirkifoundaon@gmail.com

Facebook:  Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation

Twitter: @WBHFoundation

Instagram: @wadibenhirkifoundation

Account Name: Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundaon

Account Number: 0242192724

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

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