How Visa QR Saved The Day

Embarrassing is a good way to describe how I felt looking at the waiter at the club, as he stood on our neck demanding for #15,000 balance. I was still in school – Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) – then and I had hosted a friend’s friend who came from out of town. I had a large room all to myself and my friend, Ayo, had a lot of visitors at his place, so I agreed to share my space with one of his guests who also came for his Fashion Event.

The event was a big success. At that time, the school had not witness a fashion show of that quality. People hailed Ayo for the success of the event. “Wow. You pulled it. Congrats.”,The event was lit Ayo, you did a big one this time.” All these plaudits poured in for my friend which summed up to put him in a jubilant mood. So he led us – himself, myself and his friend from out of town – to the club where we had a bottle of Vodka, some bottles of soft drinks to dilute the stainless drink, a pack of cigarette and some plates of roasted meat. Honestly, the experience was lit but only the early part of it.

After spending hours in the club, chatting about our different hustles and of course women, as we shared the drinks in inordinate volume amongst ourselves while watching as different yahoo boys walked in with bevy of pretty ladies and turning their tables into what looks like a scene from a wild party; we called for the waiter to clear the table and bring the bill. The waiter came and slipped a small white slip into Ayo’s hand; he brought out his ATM card to offset the bill but the expression on his face sent a signal that something somewhere was wrong. Even though I knew that the bill was above his budget, for some reason I was still anxious.

My anxiety grew to the point that I snatched the bill from Ayo and I saw #45000 written in bold Arial large front text on the light sheet of paper. Sadly he was debited but the transaction didn’t pull through. My ATM card wasn’t with me and I had just #2000 on me which I intended to use to transport myself and our now mutual friend who I knew had nothing on him, back to my hostel. It was at that junction that all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. I had heard the joke about a lady whose date left her at the restaurant with a huge bill and she had to work as a cleaner to offset the debt. In my mind I was starting to see similarities between my situation and that of the lady in the joke.

Some many other unpleasant thoughts ran through my mind, like walking out and leaving my friend to deal with the mess. The only useful think I could think of was to call my sister and plead with her to bring me some money to balance the waiter and let myself and my friends leave that club with our pride intact. That was our saving grace on this regretful day. My sister later narrated to me how she used a new app named VISA QR which was introduced to her as an alternative to fund transfers that requires no ATM card. To both my surprise and my delight, my sister said it was her first time using the channel. I was unsure of it, but the situation I was in made go ahead with it. In all honesty, I was not really interested the in details of her experience on that day, I was just glad that the we sorted the bill and bounced out happy.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets 


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