Business Idea Validation- Five Ways to Know You Will Make Money With it

It is one thing to have a great business idea but how sure are you that people will pay for it? We have come across individuals and products whose appearance and features dazzled us to the point that we completely fell head over heels and conclude to believe nothing can stand in their way or stop them from succeeding only to be disappointed by the turn of event. There are reasons why some great ideas sometimes refuse to fly; the major reason is non-flexibility on the side of the idea owners.

It is a complete fact that most successful entrepreneurs and organizations have on several occasions modified their ideas and strategies to achieve better result. It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to business ideas and quickly identify problem areas and initiate timely modification to achieve growth. Validating your idea to ascertain whether it will be a good source of income demands that you:

Come Up With Something New

Several areas of human wanst are begging for solutions and the higher the number of persons affected by the targeted problem the more customers and money your business will generate. Inventing a drug that can cure HIV/AIDS will definitely generate high income for a pharmaceutical company globally.

Seek Opinions

Seeking the opinions of people around you and even total strangers will help validate the financial potential of your business idea. For example if I want to start a restaurant for quick meal and I decided to make noodles and bread my offerings, if I ask my family and friends and several total strangers and everyone shows sincere willingness to pay for noodles and bread, it then means that I can commence business operation.

Conquer The Challenges

Most businesses are daunting at the beginning, so it is better to put your idea action as soon as you are good to go. This way you will be able to easily fine-tune your winning strategies and abide by them after conquering the imminent challenges and initial failure experiences.

Clearly Define Your Market

There is no business when there are no customers, a great business idea must have people or a section of the society it intends to serve.

Make Your Business Idea Better

A business idea that proposes better product or service than the existing alternatives at the best affordable price will yield higher returns. For example if there are e-commerce platforms that do not accept return of orders that don’t meet specification and you decide to offer similar service including accepting returned items which fail to meet specification with pay on delivery option, your business will easily dominate that industry.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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