Trends In The Contemporary World [Entry 50]

It is no news that the use of social media has increased progressively over the years, bringing with it a lot of advantages and negative impacts.

Practically every week, a new trend pops up from nowhere and it becomes a wild raging fire that tears into every life and home and page, and becomes a measure of how woke people are. How fast and easy it is for people to discover and take up trends has gradually become a way to determine the level of intelligence.

This of course has led to many effects; one of the major ones is the take up of acts by youths especially, in a bid to fit into the contemporary world. Starting with the many movements, to fashion statements, and slangs, they appear from places and once they do, most people dabble into, placards in hand and start screaming it on top of their voices without even understanding what it means.

Gradually, with each second that passes, the desperation to appear trendy eats up the lives of youths and ends up making them spend almost all the time they have on social media, cooking up and practicing acts, shrouding themselves in veils of fake behaviors, and molding masks to put over their normal selves, pretending until their real identity gets lost in the middle of it.

Show-off has no good in it, even during the process of doing it, it fills the actor with emptiness so loud that it deafens, but the consequences afterwards are even worse. Humans are of insatiable nature, so no matter what we do, people cannot be pleased. A people pleaser at the end gets filled with more emptiness and depression when he doesn’t get the deserved praise, and that is one of the things that predisposes youth to the increasing rates of depression, low self esteem and suicide.

Rather than pretending, youths can combat ignorance by reading more, widely and vastly, use the media positively and get enlightened about whatever it is that’s trending, dissect it and determine if there is a point in it or not. Curiosity should be more encouraged and taken care of the right way because it feeds ignorance with knowledge.


This article was written by Sofiyat Oyesanya; connect with her on IG here

22 thoughts on “Trends In The Contemporary World [Entry 50]

  1. This is true in the sense that if we allow for all that’s “fashion” to prevail, we may end up not knowing ourselves. The need to appear woke is necessary not needed when there’s knowledge. Only those who feel little are desperate to appear woke. The article is nice. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Quite a powerful jab to the millenial mind. The article vividly paints the picture of the identity crises that most young people battle with today. It highlights the problems and provides a summarised solution. It was a good read and I’ll recommend it to every young person who live a good percentage of their lives on the internet.

  3. A smoothe read. These days it’s hard not to follow social media trends, especially because they take turns in becoming part of our everyday lives. Very enlightening. Thanks for sharing..

  4. This is educative and enlightening, social media, fashion and trends have greatly influenced youths into ‘not cutting their coats according to its size’ every youth in this global age needs to read this.

  5. Hmmmmm this table you just shook has so many of us on it, but no one should never deny the truth when it said, even if its harmless sword drills deeply into you and make you bleed regrets. Very true girl, and this is well scribed.👌


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