Top Fashion Trends Our Ladies Are Rocking Perfectly

Hems, seams and linens. What comes to the mind when you see or hear these three words? As these words have few syllables and letters. The end products of these items can never be betoned. Fashion accessories are bore out of these little and insignificant items. Clothing items are elements of beauty and attraction.

There are tons of opinions to the different trends that emerged over the course of time. These views are likened to the trend setters and there is usually an inspiration behind these styles. Inspiration comes from a lot of thoughts and these thoughts are converted to creativity. Creativity should come with a clap of appreciation for ideas being brought but still there is opposition to what manner of creativity designers put out.

Consumers of these styles are mainly individuals whom the growing ones and young population look up to in one way or the other – celebrities! But then, those who castigate these styles are the so-called godly folks and maybe the bashing is usually heavy and unbearable at the receiving end sometimes. These styles always find a way to stay among us, even though they have passed through rough times with the critics.

  • Nose piercing: You know Rihanna has got nothing on you when you embark on this brave procedure. Drilling of a nasal hole is less-painful and so many people are going through needles. Sincerely, you might be judged when they see that gold nose ring on your nose. Take it that way – they will always comment!

  • Ripped skirts and ripped jeans: Ripped jeans evolved not quite long ago. They left and sincerely I think they are here to cement a place among us. Evidence being that even the skirt is now going through tears and rips. I do not see the ripping going into exile anytime soon.

  • Multiple Ear piercings: Females are known to have just a piercing each on both ears but this norm came up and occasionally we see more than one and we wonder if she may lose the ears bearing in mind that more than one piercing can cause deterioration to the cartilages of the ear. In the medieval times, it was seen among the Apaches and later American rock stars continued this trend.

  • Chokers: One can decipher what these items are and the part of the body they adorn. A weird fact about the chokers is that they are made with thin materials and hence are totally harmless but the crazy thing is that you can actually still look at them and imagine yourself choking someone because not all necks are fitted for chokers!


This article was written by Alexander Ndace.

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