If at first glance Titilayo Olurin strikes you as a reserved, almost shy person, it’s probably because she is. One mention of love or relationship, though, will get her all fired up and just about ready to talk the hind legs off a donkey.

Love, dating, and romance are things she is most passionate about. It is no surprise then that she spends most of her time exploring and sharing her views on these issues as best she can on the platform, Toastline with TeeTee.

“I doubt that there’s anything that makes me happier,” Olurin reveals with a laugh. “It feels like home. My followers are like family, the couples are like my best friends, and the comments spur me on.”

A moderate community of individuals who share her passion, Toastline with TeeTee, also TWT, is Olurin’s safe space – the one place she can get all mushy about love without being judged. But it wasn’t always a safe space, neither was it a community. It was just a couple of friends cheering her on while she matchmade a few singles and shared a handful of relationship tips every now and then.

“It was hard at first,” she recalls. “I got a number of hateful and rude DMs. I also felt like I was talking to myself. There was little or no response from people. I spent every waking moment trying to restrategise, but nothing changed.”

Now, though, she can proudly call it a community – not just a community but one that cuts across different tribes, races, and cultures. Toastline with TeeTee has indeed come a long way from when it started in August 2017 and was known strictly as “The Matchmaking Platform.”

It has evolved to “The Relationship Hive,” a name Olurin adopted when she realised that she was doing more than matchmaking and many more people were joining the community. Although it might seem like nothing but a name change to some, it means a lot to her.

“I like to think of it as growth, evolvement, and expansion,” Olurin says with a twinkle in her eye. “The name matchmaking was limiting and gave people the idea that it was all I did on there.

“Plus, the relationship hive makes sense. I talk everything relationships, from friendship and family to dating and marriage.”

Talking about relationships is not all the tall dark beauty is passionate about, though. Olurin is a writer before anything else, and with a master’s degree in English Literature, she has years of experience working as a writer and editor.

She is obsessed with family, especially her nephew and niece. She swears that they are the cutest ever. She is also obsessed with the idea of having a BFF, although she’ll admit she’s never had much luck with female friends.

“Just us girls chattering, goofing around, hugging and kissing, like Rizzoli and Isles,” she says. “I want that!”

You can connect with Titilayo on Instagram where she shares most of her relationship stories. [toastlinewithteetee]

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