Young people wouldn’t mind having a grand portrait of themselves before the wrinkles start popping in. It’s only an idiot that will ask music super star, Wizkid if he attended school and scorn him because he didn’t. Of course aspiring doctors, engineers, accountants,… need their precious degrees to achieve their dreams.

There are diverse ways to equip young people for dream actualization, which are broadly classified into two: formal and informal education. Many young people are enthusiastic about making it big at a very young age but imagine having to study a five year course in a Nigerian University where ASSU strike is prevalent. One thing that is commendable about learning a trade like tailoring, is the flexibility of the duration; what might take one student a whole year to learn, might take another student just six months.

Many gifted youths snob the university because it gives them with little or no control of their time. Mark Zuckerberg must have perceived, as a young Harvard student, that his ambitions transcended course outlines. Why can’t highly intelligent students be allowed to skip a year or two so they can graduate as quickly as possible, as long as they can pass the final examinations? There are young people who can learn at an extremely fast rate.

Once a young person starts showing lack of interest in school it’s usually not intentional. They might have made the decision to study a course in the University because for some reasons doing so will make their parents proud, so that people won’t begin to question their intelligence when it seems like everyone else are leaving for the university. Sadly, people think the University is the ultimate citadel of knowledge, there is so much pressure on young people to pass through the system so as not to be discriminated against.

Yes, it is not any easy feat to stack up degrees, it’s also not an easy feat to establish oneself in a trade, it’s not easy to develop a God given talent into a lucrative career. As long as we don’t neglect the power of knowledge, we can really good far in the achievement of our individual goals. Knowledge can be found anywhere.

The Thing that matters, even so much more than finding fulfilment early in life, is to be contented with life. One simple truth is this; laziness is a product of frustration. A lot of young people are frustrated with life because they made hasty career choices that are conflicting with their abilities. If more and more youths take the decision to pick up something they truly are interested in, we would see how diligent, vibrant and contented they will become, as they ease themselves into becoming worthy leaders of their tomorrow.


This article was written by Deborah Ikhenoba; connect with her on IG here




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