Start Small To Earn Big [Entry 30]

Let’s talk about starting small to earn big, because most of our youth today just want to make it big in a twinkle of an eye.

In the current situation of our country we can say that white collar jobs are not easy to get again, while some youths out there are seeking for jobs, some are just sitting down being lazy and doing nothing. In this 21st century, I can say that hand made products are becoming more visible in stock or should I say we have more private business owners. We have different young entrepreneurs out there making it but they didn’t just start big, they started small before they started to earn big and become famous. They started from the scratch. Some started their business in the university and when they finished school and saw that there was no job out there, they ventured into that business which started small and began to grow.

This is a call to every youth out there, know how to do something, learn a skill, a trade, learn something that will be able to bring in a daily income. Don’t just sit and expect things to come. Don’t wait until you have that enormous amount of money before you start. Stop being lazy, stop procrastinating, these two things are part of the things destroying the life of our youths today (laziness and procrastination). Anything you want to do, start now. Start small with whatever you have.

It’s amazing how people want to start a business and they are looking for one large amount of money so as to become famous immediately and when they don’t see that large amount of money, the small they have would be useless to them.

If you don’t start with the little you have, when the big one comes you won’t know how to use it too. When starting something new, start small, start anonymously. We see that when performing an experiment in the lab, you experiment with small amount of chemicals to see if it works so as not to blow up the lab. If you don’t try it out, you won’t know if it will earn you something big, so you have to try to see result.

Don’t just sit down idle and say you don’t have enough or all you do is to use your mouth to say it with no action put into it. All you have to do is to step out of your comfort zone to be able to achieve what you want, it might not be easy but just do it, start small.

Remember Rome was not built in a day. I leave with this saying that ” You have to get in the ring to win the fight”. I hope we have learnt one or two things.

Start small to earn big and start now.


This article was written by Kolade Olayemi Onaopemiposi; connect with her on IG here

107 thoughts on “Start Small To Earn Big [Entry 30]

  1. This is a call to the youth, stop looking out for jobs whilst u can create a job strife to be an employer and not an a professional employee. Mark Zuckerberg started in his early 20’s, Steve Jobs, aliko dangote they all started small n made it big.

    1. Yea thanks alot for this . We shouldn’t just sit down and join everyone saying there is no work while we can create one for ourselves. There many things out there that we can do. But we are just comfortable in our comfort zone.. We don’t want stress. Hmm

  2. This is brilliant and really educating.

    It’s an eye-opener and at the same time a source of motivation.
    More wisdom in Jesus name/(Amen)


  3. Your writeups shouldn’t just be uploaded on the Internet, seminars should be organized for this mind blowing topic, step it up dear, you might have to come and deliver speechs in places soon! Keep it great

  4. This is beautiful,got me on my feet already… ama start small, u know there’s been something on my mind to start , this is the little push I needed. Thank you Olayemi


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