The Spirit Behind Your Favourite Music

Do you know that behind your favourite music there is always and an untold story – the untold story of the artist’s bitter and sweet experiences and memories. Most artists write songs based on the circumstances they find themselves in and some go into the studio just to have their name heard.

Many of us listen to music based on the lyrics, tune or the sound and probably because of the message it is passing across but the kind of songs being sang in this 21st century is just to keep our feet on the dance floor and not propagating the good lifestyle we ought to imbibe as youths.

Gone were the days when we listen to melodious rap songs and it sets our memories ablaze of wanting more of this good songs. An artist once said he gets his inspiration from movies and sometimes novels while some get theirs from smoking weed but there is always an iota of motivation in whatever they sing.

Today our young upcoming artist see their musical career as a competition where you must top the billboard standard just to make fame forgetting the true reason why we download their music. We didn’t download or buy their music just to listen to their vulgar languages or to know the name of the woman or lady in their respective lives but to hear something that will make us keep calm even in times of trouble.

The likes of Timi Dakolo , Darey Art Alade, Asa have enormously demonstrated a great sense of commitment and a huge show of their musical talent by dishing out the best of their product to us when we need them the most. They have made us believe that there is always a motivating spirit inside every good music and why music is also a therapy that heals trauma and bad experiences.

Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. during their musical lifetime gave us the best rap story we could ever imagine in their generation but after them there seems to be no great rap story teller around to boost our spirit of musicmanship.

Enjoy every beat of your favourite music and believe in yourself of making a difference with every little thing around you but don’t forget that there is an untold story behind that song.


This article was written by Ademiju Solomon.

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