What Does Your Social Media Page Says About You?

Looking at this heading, I am sure you would be familiar with what I am about to discuss especially if you are very conversant with social media. Now this article is going to revolve a bit around my personal life.

About a year ago, I met this dashing dude, very well behaved (or so I thought) but one look at his Twitter account and I was pissed. He was so vulgar and his views were just off. Anybody who seemed to have insane and unrealistic ideas was his friend and he would support him to the last. Of course, this worried me as I liked him ( for reasons I still question till today) and also because I felt that as a young person whose goal was to make something out of their life, the most important thing to them would be building a brand that would echo how you wanted to be seen by others and I did not think tweets about “the size of brezz” cut it at all. Time and time again, he would lament about his economic situation, how people misunderstood him, how people were not giving him jobs because of his type of tweets and every time, I felt pity for him. I felt pity because he was too blind to see the reason behind this mess of a situation and even more so too deaf to listen to what all these meant. Every time I complained about his tweets, he would say to me “I am not my tweets” or “My tweets are not a representation of my views“. Laughable yeah? Well, it is to me.

Long and short is, at the end of the day I couldn’t cope and I withdrew. Today when I see his tweets across my time line, I keep asking myself why I even liked him at all. Now, what is my point? You never know who is watching…yes! That is what I am driving at. You are your tweets. You can’t keep spilling the same thing over and over again and say you are not your tweets. You are not Trump, because I dare say, that he is one in a million people like that who get that lucky. It is not bad to have different views, it isn’t bad to be indifferent about important matters (actually it is, but that isn’t the bone of contention here…moving on!) It isn’t bad to like “brezz” but do things need to be on your social media page? What would a prospective employer think if they went through your social media page. People have lost their jobs because of tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts… What is your page saying about you?!

Before you post a tweet or Facebook status, ask yourself, does this resonate with the way I want to be thought about in 10, 20 years? Is it important that this particular view be aired? Who will it help? So you don’t have to explain to someone tomorrow about how you are not your tweet.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken; she tweets via @Blessingiyama 

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