Relationship Tips: 6 Steps To Help You Find Love

The common saying that ‘love comes to you when you least expect it‘ might be true sometimes, but not always. Think about it, why do you have to wait unpredictably on fate, when you can seek and find love that you so much desire?

About whether or not seeking out love can help you find true love, the answer is yes! Yes you can get true love by seeking it out, since the purity of love is usually less about how you met your partner, but more about the happenings inside of the relationship.

So don’t be held back, feel free to find love? Here is a guide to help you:

  • Know What You Want

Like the first law of motion, this is the first principle of consciously finding love. You need to search yourself and be sure that what you want at that particular period is love, not a fling or cure for your loneliness. If you are able to convince yourself that this is what is good for me now, then you can take the next step.

  • Be Optimistic About Your Search

After convincing yourself that love is what you want, the next step is to go for it. This is the point I call “the search point.” Don’t take the renegade trend in the streets too seriously, there is nothing bad about having a desire for love and going after it. If you really want to commit yourself to finding love, you would need to be optimistic about your search.

  • Beware Of ‘Opposites Attract’ Theory

Often times people try to apply the law of attraction in physics, to love. Yeah it works in some cases, but not always. Especially at the initial stage, having contrasting traits might seem complimentary, but in the long run, the differences could grow too wide that it affects the state of the relationship. It is not to say the theory always fails on the long run, but to point out that it should be a deterrent to a potential relationship.

  • Don’t View Love From The Perfectionists’ Lens

As much as the  concept of love might been perceived by you, to be pleasurable and blissful, it is not perfect. You’d need to have this at the back of your mind while you seek to find love. There are usually ups and downs periods in relationships, even in the abundance of love.

  • Make Conscious Effort At Socializing

To welcome a guest into your house, you have to open your door. It is the same way with finding love, you have to open up and socialise (by socialise I do not mean be directionless). I’m saying, take one or two conscious steps to open up and by doing that you just might find the right person for you. Wherever you are, be present and look around to see who is looking at you. Make eye contacts, smile and be yourself, someone might see these traits as attractive and come over to say that all important hi.

  • Stop Pining For Someone Who Is Unavailable

Hey bro, hello sis, there is a good chance that you’d find one, two or more persons of interest in your love-finding engagement but try not to get stuck in the pipe. Look for that person that you genuinely feel happy with, build that relationship that would help you find long term fulfillment. Very importantly, don’t give excuses for other people’s lack of interest of commitment, whenever it manifests, either at the early stage or any time in the relationship. Have it in mind that an uninterested partner makes the relationship unhealthy, and you’d want to avoid that.

In the end, fate has a part to play, but by taking these steps you would have set yourself up to find love. I wish you the best.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets



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