If your skin isn’t glossy, I do not think you are close to class status. Glossy skin is definitely the new class especially for ladies with dry skin, being that  when your skin is thoroughly moisturized and shiny, it gives a look of sophistication, consciousness, beauty, a fashionista, goal getter and someone who exudes confidence. Nobody wants to look at ashy skin and have a meaningful conversation with you without noticing your dry hands, body and legs. Let no one tell you it is unimportant to moisturize your skin as it is very important. Body butter and lotions are good but for that extra glow, people indulge in oils like coconut oil, olive, baobab, carrot oil etc. Men are not left out in this talk about moisturized skin as most men are too lazy to lather that lotion or oil. Here are some reasons why glossy skin is the new classy:


When you know your skin is a knock out you exude confidence and plan that business meeting knowing that you are in charge, presentable and knowing that people will listen to you because you are admirable.


Dry ashy skin can be compared to a dirty and unkempt person, an unfocussed and classless individual.  Ones’ skin gets flaky peels off and looks very unhygienic.


When oils like coconut oil, vitamin E and C oil are applied to the skin, it means you are adding nutrient to your skin thereby making your skin healthier, glowing, clearer and brighter. Physical nutrients are very essential to the skin.

This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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