Where Do People Go When They Die?

Do you ever ask yourself this question, why do people die, where do dead people go. I ask myself this question every time. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and I know many of us Christians believe that after death is heaven or hell, depending on how you live your life. But are there no times when the thought “what if this all a lie?” crossed your minds?

If you have ever witnessed an accident in which people died, does it not baffle you how just moments ago, those same people may have been full of life oblivious of the fate about to befall them? Last year, I lost two friends. Two friends who were so active, two friends who were happy people, no one would have ever guessed that they would not “be” at the end of the year. At the burial of one of them, I asked myself, “where has he gone to now?”, “is his spirit somehow with us?” “Is he in heaven, is he in hell?” I could not help these questions really.

Most recently, news made rounds about the death of a popular gospel artiste. I never knew him before his death, but when he died, so many people kept posting messages about him on social media, I had to go check out his page. From his page, I could see that he was a decent young man, he had a great family, and above all, he loved God. I stopped to ponder, weeks earlier, if he had been told that he was going to die, he would have forbade it. I went through his instagram page and the only thing I could ask myself was “Why do people die?” “Why do people die without any notice?”

I was once a medical student and I have had the privilege of dissecting a number of bodies. When I think back to those days, I remember being in awe every dissection session. I would stop to think, this person once laughed, he once cried, he once loved, he probably has family somewhere, yet he lies here on this table without life, he lies here on this table probably oblivious of the fact that he is being cut open by doctors-to-be. I gave up probably because all these questions always bring me to the final one. The final question to which I haven’t found an answer, the question to which I have refused to believe the explanation people so readily give. “Where do people go when they die?”

Maybe if we were sure of the answer to this question, we would know whether to embrace death as something that must happen to everybody, if we were sure we were going to a better place free from all the struggles of this earth, or whether to fear it because it means we are going to a place of hardship and penury or maybe better still (it could be “worse still” depending on the person reading) we would be indifferent, if we thought we would just fade away into oblivion.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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