The Odyssey [Entry 72]

Life tells you that it is so hard to make a difference because you are too different. Life tells you that the road will be very rough from the beginning to the end because you don’t have the resources to make it smoother. Life tells you that you are not up to the standard of society because you can’t fit in. Life will show you how you are not pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough and sometimes even poor enough. No matter how hard you try, you will never be good enough.

Wait, what?

Life tells you that you will never be a success, can never amount to anything and that you are not capable enough and you accept it?

Take a wild guess!

Life is just doing its job. It is the job of life to show you the ups and downs, but mostly the downs. It is life’s duty to point out your errors, to highlight your mistakes for the world to see and connect the dots to your maximum accomplishments in the future based on your failures and incapabilities.

Did you know?

Life is one of the most faithful employees on the earth. Employed by what? Who knows! Life has performed its duties diligently. When are you going to do yours? Before you can, you should know the difference between you and life. Life is life,you are human. Life can never be you and neither can you be life, but you have it and life can only be because there is a you. Life has the ability to show you its disadvantage. The bitter image of how ugly you look in the mirror, the memories of being the dumbest person in class and the reality of being a nobody. But that is not all that life has to offer. You can only see this sides of life if you rope yourself to the edges. You never see the main thing. You’ll never see life asking you this questions:

Is it hard to make a difference just because you are a bit different? Life would tell you that the road may indeed be rough, but there’s only one way you can conclude about the end is to  stop driving. If you ask life, I’m I pretty enough, I’m I smart enough or will I be rich some day? Life would show you the mirror with your image and leave the choice for you. Whatever you decide to see is what life would show you. The smart side or the dumb side, the beautiful or the ugly, the empty  minded or the gold mine. You just have to think and the faithful worker would present you an excellent picture and provide you the details.

The same way life does its job faithfully is the same way you are going to have to stick to your choice faithfully, because that is truly what makes you human. Your ability to choose. You can choose.


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