What To Do And Not Do When You HATE Your Job!

Finding job satisfaction in a work environment for some can be pretty daunting. They get so frustrated they become indecisive on their next career move. They continually remain in constant conflict with themselves. Most times these feelings can’t be suppressed any longer which leads to unnecessary outbursts and tantrums which doesn’t tell well on the kind of person you are.

So you hate your job?!

… here is what NOT to do while employed.

  • Never take out your frustrations on your colleagues, employees or family members. They are not the cause of whatever it is you are struggling with so don’t let out that pain rather make them a calm in the storm. Let them help you find meaning from this emptiness you feel.
  • Share how you hate and why you hate your job to a community you have no control over. Keep your disdain to yourself. None needs to know you hate your job especially on social media. Your boss or a work colleague could see it and it might lead to an immediate termination of your employment.
  • Avoid important shared moments with friends and family. Always make out time for the ones that truly matter. Those are the memories that last a life time.
  • Never settle, always learn a new skill. Learning a new skill is fun, it keeps the mind engaged and your creative juices flowing. You get to be an important part of a community by learning something that can be of importance to someone else.
  • When there is life, there is hope. There is always room for improvement. Never sit still and imagine that all is lost for it isn’t… it is written. Keep up your spirit and always look up to positivity. Your break through is but a door away.

Now that you have the bad stuff out of the way, let’s focus on the good stuff. This is what you should definitely do when you hate your job.

  • Always put in your best at work. Go all in when you want to deliver in your job and find ways that you can be happy at work and in what you do.
  • Find a good stress killer by doing fun stuff to distract depression. Get your mind distracted by reading, taking a walk down the office stalls. Anything that keeps you distracted from the bad stuff but yet engaged enough to take on a new challenge.
  • No matter what you do, always stay happy. Find happiness in the most mundane things like how the sun constantly sets in the west and not the north.
  • Think of what you want from the opportunity you have. Is it the name, the company culture, the salary??? What is your biggest motivator? When you have it figured out, make sure you are in the job for the right reasons.
  • Start job hunting!

Find an environment that values the work you do and makes the job environment sane enough to be productive.


This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi; she tweets via @OmahSpeaks

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