4 Ways To Know He Is No More Into You

So right  now, I am laughing to myself because I seem to have a lot of experience in this area. Well, for reasons you can guess. I am always at the receiving end of breakups. What is that thing they say about how easy it is to give relationship advice to other people but how it is hard to take your own advice? Yeah, that is me.

So you guessed right, we are going to be talking about how to recognize that he is no more into you and you know how we girls are, we can always guess when something is going wrong, we just may not be able to point a finger to it.

  • The Phone Calls Or Texts Reduce

You know how when you met you were all over yourselves and couldn’t seem to get enough of each other? But now, the calls have reduced to once in two or three days and he doesn’t seem to have a great explanation for it like work or some other tangible thing.

  • Monosyllables

In addition to the calls or texts reducing, he now talks in monosyllabic words and you can’t just seem to understand why. Those “fine””good” “okay” seems to now be the way your conversations go. He may just be looking the flare. Watch out.

  • Social Media

You now have to find out everything that is wrong or new with him via social media. You used to be the first person he would talk to about it, but now he is going on social media first to rant and may not even tell you at all. You would now have to call him to ask about what you saw him tweet or post about.

  • Complaints

He was such an easy going person before but now he complains about everything you do. When you call, he says you are monitoring him; when you ask for a hangout, he says you are too less busy; when you ask for a conversation, he says you talk too much; and more hilarious, when you ask for sex, he says that is all you ever want to do!

Funny right! Yes! Guys seem to be one confused bunch every time. I mean, what exactly do you want us to do.

One reason why he is doing all of this may be because he doesn’t want to be the one doing the breakup. So he would rather have you figure it out yourself and then break up. Guys always feel that they are sparing us some sort of heartache by going this route when in actual fact they are just giving us heartaches. Other guys would take this route because they feel that when they keep the distance like this, you may not realise that it is them leaving and so they can call you up anytime later to continue where you left off especially since the breakup was inconclusive. Guys hate closure, so girlfriend, watch out!


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken; she tweets via @Blessingiyama 

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