The Leeways In Becoming A 360 (Degree) Success [Entry 48]

In recent years, there have been diverse changes in our contemporary society ranging from cultural diffusion, industrialization, globalization, the influence of mass media, pressure of age group, religious bigotry, failure in our institutions and breakdown of our value systems. It therefore becomes a herculean task for individuals to actualize success physically, mentally, health wise, emotionally, career wise, socially and spiritually. Mental anomalies such as confusion, stress, depression and suicide have become a continuous trend in our society.

The following are the leeways necessary in becoming a 360 success in our competitive society:


It gives direction and purpose to our lives. Commitment, hard work, humility, loyalty are some of the values we need to uphold for us to become successful. The value of love was seen in Mother Theresa, forgiveness was seen in the life of Nelson Mandela and this became a bedrock to their breakthroughs.

Understanding the law of process

This includes following due process, preparation, hard work and being patient in learning from significant others. Success is the totality of consistent efforts. Every effort expended in line with your purpose brings you closer to success. Oprah Winfrey in one of her interviews said success comes in processes not in a day.

Personal Development

It entails self-discovery and self-introspection. It includes deliberate and positive revolution and moulding of ones thought and character. Intentionally subjecting oneself to self-education and skill acquisition. Brian Tracy, author of “Power of Self Discipline: No excuses” subjected himself to self-education.

Learn and exude social and emotional intelligence

Read books and attend seminars that can help you exhibit social and emotional maturity. Daniel Goleman’s book on Social and Emotional intelligence is a good way to start. Purposefully network and these can ensure you get information from people, help and meeting life partners. Exuding emotional intelligence includes having a perfect control over your emotions and critically analyzing issues. This can protect you from unnecessary harm in the future. Martin Luther King Jnr. exudes social intelligence and this could be seen in the way he connected with people. This eventually made him a world class icon.

Effective use of the Social media

This is a formidable tool that can help promote your personal brand and career. There is availability of information on health, conferences, mentoring, marriages and counselling that can positively impact you. You can follow successful people that can help you achieve greatness.


Find a person you can be accountable to, who is trusted, successful and more experienced in your area of specialization and in all aspect of his or her life. Mentoring provides a great social support and training tool to learn from your superiors. Never outrun your master.


It is the control room of all religion. Putting God in all you do gives you the wisdom to succeed.

These are practical steps for aspiring leaders and those aspiring greatness to reach the Eldorado of success.


This article was written by Oluwakemi Adesina; connect with her on IG here

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