Who Hurt You? – A Fiction Story

You see people will treat you the way they like and expect you to be nice to them. They manipulate, deceive and leave you in your darkest hour. You scream, cry and feel the deepest pain in your heart. You try so much to fight back those emotions but no matter how you try, you are broken and pained.

You go through a journey of healing and self-discovery and those same people who broke you are now smiling at you; wanting to be close to you again. And you wonder? Are people really sane? They want you to pretend like nothing ever happened and welcome them with open arms again?

Well, its safe to say that; I will forgive them for me – Let them go wallow in their guilt.


My head was starting to ache from the loud bangs from the door. I didn’t want to open at first because I had a tough day and literally slept tiredly all through the night. But this person was bent on kicking me off my bed when I didn’t want to get up just yet.

Who is it?‘ I shouted angrily. That person must better be someone who has some sensible and reasonable thing to tell me for cutting my deserving sleep off.

Open your door jare. Shoo, na so you dey sleep?’

I opened the door and my annoying friend Annie-Rise walked in. I frowned ‘And you decided to come early this morning. ….?’

‘Abegi, let me hear word. I called your phone severally, it rang but you never answered your call.’

Sorry, It was on silent. I needed my sleep’.

‘It is past 8 am and your still sleeping. Are you the only one working?’ Annie-Rise smirked.

‘I am not going to the office today. I took the day off.’ I said as I tried cuddling into bed again.

You had better get up from there. We are going out. I need you to follow me to the shopping mall, I want to buy some cooking items.

Can I just get an extra hour to sleep again? I would call you when I am ready?

And who is buying your excuse? Get up and go freshen up’

I hissed. This was my problem with her. She was always all up in my mood, trying to buy her way out. Can I just have some more sleep? I hissed again.

Fine. Let me go freshen up. At least I know I am getting commission for going with you.’


I got back from the outing with Annie-Rise, she had bought a new microwave and a blender. I decided to buy some few set of spoons and a set of glass cup. Annie-Rise was one of my friendliest friends. She was chatty, jovial and very opinionated. She worked at a broadcasting firm, had her own car and owned a flat. The only difference between the two of us was that she was the flirting and outing type who typically rolled with people.

My phone rang.

Babe. You don’t reach house?

Yes oooo. Just got home now. How far with them?

‘I have already started using the blender‘ Annie-Rise laughed over the phone.

‘I trust you. Anyways, we would talk later. Thanks for calling.

‘You are welcome.

I went over my call logs and decided to call Charles, I had missed his calls earlier.

Hey baby‘ His voice rose.

I smiled. ‘Sorry, I missed your calls, I went out with Annie.

You went shopping?’

I laughed. ‘This time we bought cooking items.

Very interesting. A relief. So are we seeing tonight? You know what I told you about.’


The money for the Abuja trip.

‘Oh, Yes I almost forgot. I would bring it while coming tonight.’

‘Thank you so much dear. You are the best. I mean, what could I ever do without you?

I laughed ‘See you soon.’

It was very okay to give Charles the money he needed for his Abuja trip. He had lost his job some months again and his new job wasn’t paying much. He had planned to go to Abuja to invest in some projects, hopefully in three months time, we would be getting our 60% gain, buy a new house, get married and have kids. It was all planned out, what more can one ask for?.


I closed from work earlier today and I decided to go see Annie-Rise, it would be fun paying her back because I know she won’t like my disturbance; but what are we friends for? If not annoying each other. Strangely, her door was locked. I knocked twice to be sure nobody was inside. I called her phone, it rang but no answer. I shrugged, she would come check up on me then, when she sees my missed calls. I thought of going to see Charlie, he was to leave for Abuja the next day. A speeding car which almost ran over me made me fall, I sprained my ankle and decided to go home straight. What a night, I thought!


I was working on my laptop when my phone rang. It was Charles and I smiled.

‘Hey dear. What are you up to?‘ His voice was calm and sweet.

Just working on my laptop. How is it going?‘ I asked.

Going very fine dear. You won’t believe this, they actually need some few bucks for payment of commission and you know with the hotel fee, feeding and the rest of them has eaten a lot of money. I need just few bucks and am done here

I sighed ‘hmmmm. I can’t send you some money, I hope that would do cuz I am short

You don’t have to worry dear. Just few bucks and you could always borrow from your company or wire extra paid cash to your account like you always do nah. You should make use of your financial manager post well‘ He explained.

You know that’s not right. But I will send you the money, okay?

You are always a darling. So tell me what’s my baby putting on?

I laughed. . . . . . .


Charles was suppose to be back today but he had called earlier that he needed to sort things out more. So he would be staying there for the weekend. Annie-Rise was on a job call, I was so bored and I needed fresh air. I stepped out and stopped a cab; I had given Charles my car to use for the main time to run errands for his work.

Going to a bar would be the nicest place to be at this moment, just a chilled drink and some music – to lighten up one’s mood. A nice looking gentleman amongst four gentlemen smiled at me while I was taking some shots and he approached me.

‘Hi. Such a nice place to be. Are you waiting for someone?’

‘No’ I replied.

‘Sorry, my name is Kosi.’

‘Hmmmmm. What a nice name for a guy‘ I laughed softly. ‘I am Blossom’

What a nice name too for a lady‘ He smiled. ‘So what are you doing here all alone?

‘I came just to freshen up. I was kinda bored. My boyfriend is out of town and my best friend is on a job call. So here I am.

‘Hmmmmm. Your boyfriend?’

‘Yes. Do you have a problem with that?’ I asked, raising my brows.

‘I see. You are that loyal and faithful girlfriend eh. You just indirectly told me you have a boyfriend and I should. . . . .’

I laughed and cut him off. ‘So what are you doing here too?

My friend own this bar, I come in here more often just to hang out with him.‘ He smiled.

Hmmmmm. Interesting. So what do you do apart from hanging in a bar with your friends?’ I leaned.

‘What? Well, I own an advertising agent company.’

‘Wow. Really? Maybe you could help my boyfriend out. He has been looking for an advertising job. Let me give you his card.

Really? Are you being serious?‘ He laughed.

‘Is there anything wrong for a girl rooting for her man?’ I asked, now frowning.

No. No, don’t get me wrong. It’s fine. I will give you my card. Tell him to submit his . . . . ‘

Yes I know‘ I said and took my last shot. ‘Thanks for the company, I would be leaving now.’

Oh, let me see you off. I could even give you a ride.’ He offered.

Really? Okay, but I don’t think its necessary.

He smiled. ‘Okay. Let me see you off then.

But I got into his car, then we chatted more, laughed more and if there was a sensual and a sexual moment, I was to deeply regret it. I prepared my mind to tell Charles; He has to know. I wasn’t good at telling lies. And

Kosi kept calling and calling, I had to block him from reaching me and instructed the security never to let him in.


Today had been a very terrible and probably worst day of my life. The company had found out about the wiring of the finance into my account and without any query, had given me a sack letter. I prepared my mind to spend the night with Charles and then tell him everything. I kept calling his phone to inform him of my sleep over but he didn’t answer his calls. I was furious already but kept my head up. I sighed and decided to go to his house; I had planned my night already. Getting to his place his door was locked. I was disappointed but kept cool. Going home would be more frustrating. I decided to chill at an eatery.

Okay, maybe I was seeing another version of the Charles I knew. Who was that lady he was talking to? She should be a business partner or something. But she was dressed for a date. I swallowed hard and walked towards them. And when he saw me, he didn’t even act surprised.

‘Charles. I went over to your place, called you on phone severally? And who is this Lady?’ I was waiting for am introduction. But he was numb.

‘I am his fiancee.’ The lady replied, smiling. ‘And you must be his PA he told me about. Like, girl, why are you always up on our business. This is not work, we are on a date. Can you give us some space? When we get married by next month, I don’t think I would be comfortable seeing you all around every time, You and that his secretary of his, Annie or whatever her name is called.’

I thought the world was crumbling. My mind was racing. It was all making sense now. He had been sleeping with Annie-Rise the whole time and I am sure she gave him money too and his Abuja trip was to go do introduction ceremony with this bleached-face ugly looking girl who obviously had zero-class. I wasn’t going to take this, No! There was a mixed up somewhere.

I looked into Charles eyes, searching for an answer, searching for truth. But he kept them blank with no remorse. I fell down there, crying. I didn’t care if I looked stupid, I had invested all my time, money and commitment into this relationship. My heart was tearing apart with pain, I called back loudly to Charles as he walked away with his fiancee, hoping it was all a lie, hoping it was a prank. I was ready to welcome him into my arms again. I cried and cried, My bed was tears-soaked. How could Charles and Annie do this to me? How could they hurt me so much? Who hurt me? Was it Annie? Charles? Or I hurt myself.


It would be some years later, me carrying my twins Chikama and Chidubem. I and Kosi hand-in-hand after dedicating our twins and new mansion as I smiled towards the less privileged couple, Charles was looking shorter with weary eyes, I thought! Maybe Annie-Rise who was still single and had nobody to carter for could help Charles and his dark-fair discoloured wife. Sorry, I couldn’t get the exact colour of her skin!

I laughed loudly. ‘Don’t look at me. I am not running mad again.’ I smiled at Kosi.


This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here

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