When a seed is buried into the soil, series of changes occur; the first which is very important for the survival of the ‘unborn’ plant is roots development. Once this refuses to happen, the foetal plant is doomed for destruction.

The roots are definitely needed for all characteristics the plant may want to exhibit later in its old age. It needs its roots for feeding, for storage (just in case of the stormy days), for anchorage, for resilience and for the entirety of its growth and development. It cannot bring out the flowers, its centre of attraction, for everyone to admire until it has being deeply and firmly rooted in the ground.

 Unfortunately, nowadays, when a young human being is coming from ‘the seed stage to the tree stage’ (guess you can deduce the meaning?), the time for growing and developing roots is escaped and the period of flowers blooming is brought forward. It’s so sad that majority of the youths are always on the run these days, no time to grow the roots before popping out the flowers. No chilling pills anymore, no patience and ‘no God’s time is the best’ any longer. Everything seems to be going at a speed of light, flashing for everyone to see, within a short period of time.

The point I’m trying to make, is that a greater percentage of young human beings these days, actually want to live the extravagant life, have all the luxuries life can offer, live the good life everyone desires, but want all these through the shortest means available.

One of my ‘ogas’ in time past, do say the only place you can find success before work in the whole universe is in the dictionary, i.e. you must work before you can be successful. The blossoming flowers of a plant are likened to success, and work is to the process of growing roots and making sure it is firmly anchored in the soils. Have you ever wondered the reasons for the agility and energy of a youth? It’s for creating the type of lives, and futures that are so desired.  

There is dignity in turning one’s hand to something; if youths will follow the natural process of roots before flowers, work before success, patience before enjoyment, our world will be a better place to live.



This article was written by Bolade Olaide Deborah; connect with her on IG here


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