How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media



How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

It’s the 21st Century! The days where people move from person to person, place to place or one organization to another trying to sell products or make known their services are long gone. Thanks to Vint Cerf, the inventor of the internet; we now have social media as virtual platforms where potential and already existing customers can come together to transact business. Further addressed are feasible steps one can take to grow and maintain their business online and thrive in the ever competitive Nigerian market.

  1. Have an easy to pronounce business name: this makes it easy for customers to remember and even refer their contacts. Also, it makes it easy for you as an entrepreneur to “export” your brand and make it global. Indigenous business names are a tad bit limiting and may not allow your business boom as much. If at all your business must have an indigenous name, it is advisable to make it the secondary name so non-indigenes can relate to it on neutral grounds.


  1. Have a functioning social media platform: the key word here is functioning. It is not enough to just open a social media account; it must be up and running at all times. Spread your tentacles to at least 4 existing platforms because you never know which one a potential customer is more active on. If you are too busy trying to keep other aspects of your business afloat, employ a social media manager to oversee that aspect but still check on it once in a while to ensure his or her activities are in line with your objectives. Do not at any time be on private so there is ease of access to your products and services.


  1. Always respond to questions and complaints: no matter how trivial they may seem, always respond to questions and complaints in your comment section. This not only serves as good Public Relations measure but also portrays you as a responsible business person. Unattended questions always look messy and may discourage patronage because a potential customer may need answers bordering on questions in the same range. Also, do not reply rude people in the same manner otherwise you may end up shooting your business in the leg. People are constantly watching.


  1. Use testimonials to spur new patronage: people are moved by testimonials, positive reviews etc and they are actually effective means of advertising. Getting feedback from existing customers can also help you as an entrepreneur know what direction your business is going; whether it is taking a downward spiral or making upward progression.


  1. Have a running website: many business owners may not deem this a s necessary but the internet has made it so, that individuals can design and customize an online platform through which people can see and know at a glance what they are all about without necessarily making physical contact. Any information about a business can be accessed via their website; a website serves as a window to the soul of the business. As frequently as possible, the website should be updated – prices of products, extended services, product code, discount period etc are what customers are looking out for and they should not be deprived of information. At any given time, a business website should not appear abandoned, you can run effective marketing for your website and get more traffic through some other websites such as Grow Traffic etc


By Winifred Ononikpo, first published in Tush Magazine Issue 12.

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