Good Dilemma [Part2] – A Fiction Story By Sandra Okenwa

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Joynice stared at the room wall as she remembered what transpired between her and her boss. He had caught her as she was operating on his system. She kept blabbing and rolling her eyes as she tried to find an explanation for what she did. It’s not as if she couldn’t go through his system but the motive behind it. She had immediately left the office and taken a week off; Maybe, this would give her time to get her mind into place and know the right thing to do. She should call Jessica, she thought. Jessica had gotten a promotion in her company and to add to her spice of life, she was the owner of a brand new car; which was not bought by the company but by her own hard-earned money. She had moved out of her apartment into a luxurious flat and was intending to start an online consultancy blog.

Hello babe’ Jessica’s voice was calm.

Jessy, Girl, how your side nah?’

Hmmm, I’m good. Just back from a brief meeting. Okay, You are calling me by 1pm; shouldn’t you be at the office?’

‘I took a week break. I needed to sort myself out’ Joynice voice rose.

‘I hope its not that same issue about your boss again. I told you to ask him yourself or forget about it’

Oh my! With the way you sounded, One would think it was that easy’

Yes its that easy. And in the first place, you are letting it get over your head. You had better get back to work’ Jessica sounded concerned.

Joynice sighed ‘I would call you later. Never mind.’

‘Babe, just chill. I am not saying you are not doing the right thing, I am just saying you should take it easy. It is easier to let go. Sometimes, in life, you need to make some sacrifices to get what you want. It’s not as if your boss is asking you out?’

Make some sacrifices? I don’t get. What do you mean by that?’ Joynice was surprised.

LOL. Sacrifices comes in different forms. In cash or in kind.’

Joynice was furious ‘Well, sorry to disappoint you babe. I didn’t sleep with anybody to get a promotion at a company or slept with an old man to buy a car’.

‘What?’ Jessica’s voice was sharp.

I need to go. Take care.’ Joynice ended the conversation and threw her phone over the bed.

She needed to take cold juice to ease this tension and atmosphere that was just created.


Joynice was seated at her office, compiling some documents when she head a knock.

Yes,come in’.

‘Good day ma’am’ a tall dark complexioned man walked in.

‘Yes, good day. You are welcomed. You must be Mr Timothy.’

Yes, I am’

Nice to have you here. So let’s get straight to business. You have 5 minutes. Shoot’. Joynice edged.

‘I am actually an advertising agent and I help manage company’s outlook and affairs in the media industry. I have worked with various companies and I have proof of my deliverance and effectiveness. Just give us a space of three months and you would see a huge difference. Currently, This company is ranging 5th Best Digital Telecom Company and if we come in ranking 2nd would just be a reached goal.’

‘Thank you very much Mr Timothy. We currently do not need any advertising agent at the moment but you can drop your company’s details with us.’

Okay Ma. It’s a pleasure meeting you’ He said as he dropped a file on her table.

Joynice watched as he left her office. ‘Advertising agent?’ She thought. If the company was to employ his services, It would be a strain on her own side as he would request for all her top-shots and business moguls contacts. She wasn’t ready to give out that. She needed those contacts; They were only personal and private to hers. The media unit can do the advertising; She would inform them.


Joynice had closed earlier at the office today, She was planning for another business trip to the UK and she needed to close earlier than usual and hopefully work at home. She could branch first and take some yogurt at the eatery on her way home.

She was licking her favourite Vanilla flavour when she sighted Jessica, Yes! That was Jessica. Its been four months they have spoken or saw each other. She sighed. It would be very hard for the two of them to ignore each other this time. Jessica walked up to her and smiled.

‘Hi’ She was smiling.

Joynice forced a smile back. ‘Hi’.

‘Wow, It seems you closed earlier from work today?’

Joynice noticed Jessica’s finger and her face looked very surprised. Jessica smiled.

Oh! I am engaged. I am getting married.’ Jessica laughed softly.

‘Wow’ Joynice was shocked. She almost fell from her chair. ‘Congrats girl. Wow, congrats’.

Thank you. Don’t worry, You are invited to my Trad and wedding’. Jessica flipped through her bag and brought out a beautifully designed IV.

Joynice opened it and was more  shocked ‘It’s next week.’ She forced her words.

Jessica nodded ‘I am so glad I found you here. I didn’t know how you would take it if you find out I got married and didn’t invite you. I am very sorry. . . . .. ‘

No. No. You don’t need to apologize. I should be the one apologizing. I am very sorry for whatever I must have said to you. That wasn’t fair at all!’

Jessica smiled. ‘It’s okay.’ Her phone rings. ‘Oh! I need to go now. Take care’. Jessica reached out and hugged her.


The bath tub was getting hotter and she could feel every pinch on her skin; She didn’t want to get out. She wanted to sink in and stay under water before coming back to reality. Jessica was getting married and she is now the owner of one of the biggest online consultancy blogs in town. She is a boss of her own. Joynice gulped as she drank some water from the bath tub. She coughed loudly and took a deep breathe. She closed her eyes and wished she was dreaming. She wanted everything to go back as it was before; She and Jessica being friends, Jessica was a staff in an average printing company; while she sails in the biggest digital company in town. She shook her head and coughed again. She sure needed a break and she needs it badly. She was going to take another leave before travelling to the UK. She jumped up from the scarring water, hissed and started preparing for work.

An hour later, she was in the office. She went straight to the her office and discovered it was locked with another key, she peeped into the window and saw her tables had be cleared. She was furious! She didn’t want any transfer now, she loved her office; its space and privacy. She walked straight to the administrative office.

Excuse me Ma! My office is locked.’

Oh! You are here now. I am sure you must have gotten our mail.’ The administrative staff handed her a letter-a sack letter.

What? What is this?’ Joynice was dumbfounded.

We got a call yesterday from an advertising agent who was previously handed over to you. It seems you never gave them our details and so our rank dropped and our social media activities dropped by 10percent. We just lost millions of money and a good amount of subscribers, Thanks to you! She paused. ‘You are lucky, you can keep the car, but the apartment, all official credit and travel cards shall be withdrawn. You have just five minutes to vacate the premises.’

Joynice felt like the ground should open up and swallow her now. This isn’t happening. She had served the company with her whole heart and the least she expected from them now was a promotion- A promotion as the general manager. She  took a deep breathe and walked out of the company.

What’s next for her now? She hated this. She is now jobless. She never had the time to start a career of her own like Jessica. She was almost crying. Thankfully she has a good amount of money in her personal account and she still has her personal contacts of the top-shots in the industry. It’s like she was starting afresh. And asking for money from them means offering her cookie; Maybe she should ask Jessica, she thought. Never! Never! What kind of good dilemma was this?’ She took a deep breathe and headed to an hotel; a big hotel where the top-shots usually lodge. She needed to do what she had to do; After-all, her Christianity was all a cover up to make her look like a good girl people thought she was. She had prided about her ‘Good Girl Movement’ so much on the gram. There’s no going back now, as she drove into a 5 star hotel. Cheers! To an upcoming Entrepreneur. She prided herself.


This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here

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