Good Dilemma – A Fiction Story By Sandra Okenwa

It was a hot afternoon and a slim, tall, fair skinned lady was walking with calculated poise down the street with a black leather briefcase wearing a corporate. One may be able to tell if she was going for a corporate meeting or she was one of the newest job hunting graduate in town. It was getting hotter and Joynice needed to refresh herself to avoid getting dehydrated for standing under the sun waiting for a bus. She quickly bought a bottle water and gulped down the content immediately. Now, she was hungry and she needed to eat. After going from one office to another, answering questions and submitting her CV was tiring and she needed to go home now, eat and rest. Today has been quite friendly and less harassive; she thought. The offices she went today went straight to the point; Maybe because most of them were female owned. She remembered the day before, how she almost hit a manager when he tried touching her.

‘So your name is Joynice. What a beautiful name.‘ He said as he winked. ‘You have a good CV and you are qualified for the job, but how qualified can you be?

‘I dont understand Sir’ She was genuinely surprised.

‘Common, You are a big girl, you know what I mean.’ He said, drawing close to her.

She held her breath, closed her eyes as he touched her face and lips.

‘I am sorry sir, I cant do this. I only came to look for job’

He frowned ‘Get out of my office’.

She left immediately as he flung her CV at her. She didnt look back.

She flung herself back to the present as a bus stopped in front of her, People rushed in before she could enter and the bus drove off immediately full of passengers. She could not take this any longer. She flung down a taxi and drove straight home.


With a fresh smell of just having a shower, She lay on her bed, surfing the internet and she decided to call Jessica on phone, her best friend. Jessica had gotten a job immediately after service in a Printing Company.

‘Babe, How far nah?‘ Jessica spoke with an optimistic tone.

No show jare. They are no vacancies and they are over staffed sef. One even told me they wanted to down-size their staffs

Na wa oh. This job hunting is something else.’

‘Not for you nah. You wey don get job. Its getting to three months now, no job, I am so broke right now. Anyway, there is this one I would be going tomorrow, I sent my CV earlier and they invited me for an interview. You know that big Digital tech company I told you about nah?’ Joynice said, with a thing of hope in her voice.

Yes, Yes, I remember. So they actually replied you’

Babe, I surprise oo.’

I pray they give you the job ooo.’ Jessica said with a relief.

Amen ooo. I am even fasting this night because of it.

Jessica laughed so hard over the phone. ‘Abeg, babe, eat oooo. Just pray about it. It is well. I will talk to you later’

I no blame you. Thanks anyways. Bye dear’

‘Okay dear.’ Jessica concluded over the phone.


She was seated at the ceo’s office who she had earlier thought was the manager. Her heart kept beating loudly and she prayed to God that she just gets this job. The building of the company was everything; so beautiful and well decorated. All the staffs were neatly, smartly and expensively dressed. She wished she could keep smelling their flowering body scents. One could tell the company was well structured. She wished she had known earlier and worn her finest and best dress in her closet. She still didn’t look bad anyways, she thought.

So Joynice‘ The ceo said as he pronounced her name slowly with a little grin.

Yes Sir‘. Joynice answered politely.

The ceo was an average height looking dark skinned man, probably in his early 40’s. His expensive black suit matched the colour of his skin. She thought.

 ‘I have looked over your CV and its quite interesting. You can resume work tomorrow as the PR and Financial Assistant to this company’ He Paused. ‘Meet the administrative staff in charge to put you through.

Oh! My God, Thank you sir.’ Joynice was in shock.

She went straight to the administrative office.

Good afternoon, You are welcomed . So you would be resuming tomorrow, Here is your ID Pass, Your tag, your official pay card, your official travel ID, the key to your new car and here is the address to your new apartment. You can opt out from the apartment if you so wish’

No, no. I would like the apartment. Thank you’. Joynice smiled.

You would resume an hour early tomorrow and you are to be reporting to the CEO himself.

‘Okay, Thank you.’ This was like a dream come true for Joynice. Jessica must hear this! She is officially a car owner, a PR and a Financial Assistant to one of the biggest digital tech company in town. No physical harassment or bribe. Thank you Jesus! She screamed with her inner mind.

She hurriedly left the company, straight to pack her things to the new apartment. Her landlord could now go to hell with his shitty house rent.


Joynice and Jessica sat across an eatery each with an orange juice.

Babe, so how is your new job. I just dey feel your glow, see as you dey shine.’ Jessica said, grinning.

Going very well. That is my dream company. Like everything is well structured and I love the clients that I seal deals with. I love straight forward and positive thinking people. They make your work less stressful and more fun. God has been so good to me you know. Imagine if I had given up my cookie for a low-life oppressing  job, I would have missed this big opportunity.’ Joynice explained.

Hmmm, I hear you. Virgin Mary, na you carry church for your head pass.’Jessica smirked.

Please don’t give me that look. I am a Christian and I act according to the word of God and what the Bible preaches. It says in Ezekiel Chapter . . . . . .’

‘Abeg, abeg, I don hear.’ Jessica cuts her off.

You should read your Bible more often Jessy. Anyway, I hope your also doing well at your office.

Yes, very well, Thank you. We dey try.’

Its been three months into her new job and Joynice was enjoying the passion that comes with working with your talent and career calling. She had travelled to UK, Spain and Kenya for business trips where she met and dined with the top shots in the business world. She had just concluded a two weeks training on ‘Entrepreneurship and Business Management Skills’ in Germany and just got back from a successful business tour in Korea. Her vacation in Dubai should be the next (all expenses paid).

Just like a regular routine, She received a report and an approval mail from her boss. She scanned through the figures, She sighed but yet again her curiosity had risen beyond normal level. Why was she seeing this very high money figures, The business transactions for the company within that month had increased to 70 percent and the company was now ranking 9th in the ‘Best Digital Technology Company’  according to recent charts. She sighed yet again. This was not what the company earned that month; The figures had greatly increased and she was sure the media staff representative would release these figures and within 7 days, she was very sure the company would be ranking 6th. She shouldn’t be bothered, should she? She should just do her job and forward the mail to the Media Staff Representative and focus on the Dubai vacation trip.

But she was a Christian and this shows that her boss was either deliberately manipulating the figures or doing an external affair that would be adding so much money to the company. She had the right to know then as the company’s PR and Financial Assistant. She shook the idea off, No! She thought. ‘CLICK’ she forwarded the mail.

Long time, no see. Babe, I just dey feel all your instagram pictures ooo.’ Jessica said, Laughing with a twinkle in her eyes.

Na so, I thank God ooo, He has been so good to me. Everything I have ever prayed for’ Joynice replied, but with no interest.

Ah,ah! Why is your face like this? Boyfriend problems? Or. . . . . . . .’

Joynice sighed. ‘Jessy, something has been bothering me for long now. We make over a multi-million figures every month which I send to my boss but every time he sends back those figures, I find out they increase more than 60 percent of the initial figures. What do you think is happening’

Jessica paused. ’Are you suspecting your boss or something? Why not ask him yourself instead of drooling over yourself. Maybe he does some personal transactions too.’

I am sure its not that serious. But I think you should ask him, ask him yourself.

I think I will. My conscience pricks me whenever I forward those mails.

Madam Jesus girl, we don hear. You should even be happy that you are working with one of the biggest digital tech company in town, your CV is bomb now. Abegiiiii’

‘Let’s just finish our drinks. I have to leave soon’ Joynice concluded hastily.

Weeks passed and she found out that she wasn’t feeling anything she does at the office. She tries so hard to avoid seeing her boss and only spoke one or two when they had meetings. She thought the luxurious and expensive Dubai vacation trip would take her mind off everything but it only made it worse.

Joynice sat across her boss who was sitting on a customized chair specially designed for his kind of personality. She was holding a pen and a file. Her boss was talking but she wasn’t listening, her mind was far off; she wanted to ask her boss, she wanted to scan the laptop facing him.

So I was thinking. . . .Joynice, Joynice?

Hmm, hmmm, sorry sir, What did you say?

What did I say?’ Her boss looked surprised but calm.

‘Am very sorry sir, I was just a bit distracted. I …………..’

Let me give you a little time to rest. Excuse me, I need to talk to the IT unit’ Her boss cut her off calmly.

Okay sir. I would just refresh a bit but I would be okay.

Her boss had just left the board room now, and surprisingly for the first time, He left the laptop on the table. This was her opportunity! Scan through! She got up quietly and slowly and moved towards the laptop. There was no password to it. She started reading his mails, the tabs he opened and his private messages. She almost fell from the chair! Why was her boss threatening a woman who looked over 60 years? Why did he have several nude pictures of a teenage girl on his system? What was the meaning of ‘Bring the Naira tomorrow?’

She should shut this system now and run! Yes run! But run to where? She would obviously go back to that shitty one room apartment, she would be jobless and go broke. She is going to loose all the comfort and luxury of life if she quit this attractive job everybody was craving for. No, she is a Christian and she should report this company to the national security agencies. No, she should sit still, throw away those conscience and continue with the meeting like nothing ever happened? She is going crazy now and she is almost about to faint!

What kind of GOOD DILEMMA was this?

This article was written by Sandra Okenwa.

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