So many questions left unanswered; so many inquisitiveness on the campaign awareness in the quest to eradicate child abuse on the girl child and to truthfully end the rape assault and cases in the community, doing the needful is essential.

And the needful goes along with the birth of the push for greater move to cause a change in our societal status, when we initiated the change status quo it is ideal we let the change begin from us. Let us push for a paradigm shift socially and societal wise.

Let us consider it from this angle, in our contemporary dealings the NGO’s and the government bodies the only notion they support is to share condom packs to the youth, which back and forth tends to increase sex rate without a caution on whose back is being laid. On no account has it been recorded that free sanitary pads are being shared. Even at the NYSC orientation camp, condom packs is the order of the day without a care for the females in camp, imagine a female corps member who saw her menstrual flow in camp and have the need to buy a pad, and we all know the rate of buying things these days is quite expensive she might have to start clinching to a guy she just met in the camp to help her out with the cash and in this type of scenario the guy might be wanting a pay in kind and you know he already has the password “condom” and this innocent girl might just have to give in cause she needs to relief herself of the sanitary pad bills, this might seems unrealistic but the reality is dawning on us.

Imagine a girl now at age of 10years-12years already seeing her menstrual flow and it can be categorically affirmed not all can afford to get a sanitary pad some go through hell to get one, so why not let the community lend a helping hand by reaching out to share sanitary pads to girls and this will definitely end the RAPE cases we hear. Our community is filled with hungry wolfs guys that are ready to take a lot away from these girls because they were asked for money and funny enough the girl will never open up that she needs the money to get sanitary pad, sanitary pads are costly, not all girls can afford it. Some need to break the bank and task a lot to afford pads that will sustain them through the period time.

GiveAGirlChildAPad is powered by Coleman Media Nigeria soliciting for sponsorship on this project to help drastically reduced uncultured menace this sanitary pad issue has silently caused.


This article was written by Sekunowo Olumide; connect with him on IG here

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