Have you ever been in a situation where everything around you feels hot, even the fan whirling above your head and the air conditioner blasting air around you are not strong enough to cool off your tight spot? Just immediately, your body becomes a pool of sweat, your clothes drenched, and your heartbeat thumping faster than a cheetah’s feet on land. Then all you wish yourself is to suddenly diffuse with the air, or that the ground widens and swallows you up, almost immediately. What a relief that would be – you think.

Are there not moments you become so intimate with fear – as he romances you and you submit yourself to him, he plays with your body and you giggle – and things as easy as breathing become some loads of weight to carry? Maybe you are to deliver a speech in a valedictory ceremony, and you spend the whole night, preceding the D-Day imagining how you, on the stage, will look like. You imagine yourself on the podium, before the rostrum, holding a microphone, breathing words into it. You spend all night dreaming, wishing the night would elongate into the next day – that the day would never unfurl. Throughout the night, it’s either your eyes remain wide open – peering through the dark depth of your room – or far into your dream, you see yourself on the podium presenting the speech. Then it’s dawn, the D-Day is here. What do you expect from this day?

Certainly, I wouldn’t expect a wonderful performance from you. I would expect your feet to be shaking. I would expect that timid shaking voice from you. You would not expect anything better than for those moments on stage to roll away in no lesser time. You just bought a cup of cold water from anxiety, and he mixed it with fear. When anxiety and fear collide, what do you expect? Success? Courage? Victory? Oh! No, you spent the whole night with anxiety, hoping to do what you’ve never done before with all ease. Your presentation could have been better if you had taken your time to prepare well, instead of imagining the impossible. Your presentation could have been superb if you had own a pistol that kills fear.

Fear is everywhere, searching for guys and girls to befriend. And he can win anyone’s heart. Yes, anyone. If you do not want any friendship with him, get a pistol – learn more, prepare by all means, pray and plan ahead, be yourself – then face him. Do not agree with that first thought that tells you “you cannot do it”, pick up your pistol, pull the trigger at him. Then stand up, say, “I can”. Do it. Anyhow. Yes, anyhow. 

Oh! I forgot to tell you. Fear doesn’t die at first shot. So, remember to reload you pistol with bullets always. Go with extra bullets too, for unpremeditated events.

This article was written by Adewara Joses; connect with him on IG here

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