The Epl And Twitter Banters [Entry 75]

Let’s talk about the EPL. If you don’t know what that means you should probably quit reading this article because I’m very sure it does not concern you, but if you want to be stubborn and read, the EPL means English Premier League. But to fully understand the whole concept of this article you need to understand a few things about the EPL; The EPL is the oldest, most popular, most watched and most followed football league in the world. Now every football league has its rivalries, but the EPL takes it to a whole new level. The rivalries are super intense, it is exciting and basically anything can happen, above all anybody who loves football has got to love the premier league and lastly there are small teams in but in the actual sense there are also no small teams. City rivalries such as that between Arsenal and Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester city, historical rivalries as we have Manchester United and Liverpool and more rivalries result every season over the slightest of things.

Now let’s talk Twitter, the best thing I’ll say is twitter is lit! it can never be boring except you aren’t following the right people or you just don’t understand it. Tweets, Quotes, Threads, DMs (Direct Messages) all make the Twittersphere an amazing experience. I think the most interesting part of twitter is the fact that there are no limitations to who can see your tweet. (Well except you block or you’re blocked). But anybody can see your tweet and it can keep on being retweeted for years to come.

Now the EPL teams and fans have used twitter to take rivalries to a whole new level. Using twitter tools as their fire arms and weapons they can as well destroy their rivals. Now banters are teasing speeches. Bants as they are fondly called by twitter users can come at any time, especially during or after a game God forbid your team loses the game. Twitter erupts with so many different users giving their extremely hilarious views on the game, the players, coaches and the club itself. Memes and pictures make the strongest weapons but normal texts are also as deadly. Twitter bants have actually improved the EPL experience, as fans do not just look forward to the games, but also to the bants. Every EPL match has a hashtag which helps fans direct their tweets to a certain topic. If you’re a fan of the EPL and you want to enjoy the ultimate football experience, login to twitter and follow notable accounts such as @footytips @eplbible @trollfootball and a lot more. Personally I love the fan accounts, though they are often biased but fan accounts are the ultimate best check out @welbeast @theunitedstand @lfcdaily and a whole lot more. In Nigeria, @Kenna is the ultimate Manchester United fan and never fails to dish out and reply bants as they come, we also have @iamabdulaxis, @mosieurT and a whole lot of others.



This article was written by Timothy Tisan Badung; connect with him on IG here

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