Entry 6: Humans Of Twitter Nigeria

Twitter is an amazing social medium. But like other social media platforms, it’s useless without the people. Let’s check out a list of all the caliber of people who make Twitter Nigeria the fun that it is:

INFLUENCERS: Influencers are those amazing guys on Twitter who utilize the platform to provide PR and advertising services for brands. They do these by consistently creating creative and engaging contents which attract followers, and by implication, attract brands who use them to promote their businesses.

BUSINESS PEOPLE (My Customer Is On Your Timeline): If you are relatively active on Twitter, then you have come across the words in bracket several times. These are the people who leverage on the interconnectedness (wow, that word exists!?) of twitter to advertise their products and services. They beg for retweets like their lives depend on it. I guess this is because they understand that just one retweet, sometimes, can expose their product to thousands of people.

SAVAGE: I think we all have now come to agree that Twitter sets the agenda for other social media platforms. One of the reasons for this is because of the savage people. That is why you would go to Instagram, for instance, and the screenshot of somebody’s tweet is what everybody is talking about. Same on Whatsapp. People like these are the reasons why you need to always watch what you say on Twitter because you don’t know who would respond to you and how.

FEMINISTS: Feminism is such a great course and this no attempt to underestimate its importance. In fact, I agree with Chimamanda – We should all be feminists. However, there are a lot of people on Twitter who, in an attempt to ride on the wave, have added “feminist” to their biography. No problem with that, where there is problem is thinking that you should always take side with the ladies whenever there is a controversial relationship issue. It’s suddenly an opportunity to tag all men scum, rather than just specifically shade their ex or exes. They have turned feminism to the “battle of the sexes” and not an attempt to combat a generational systemic problem, of which we all are victims.

OBSERVERS: These are the people who visit Twitter everyday to catch up with trends and gists. They neither tweet nor retweet. The farthest they go on Twitter is to like tweets. Apart from probably being introverts in real life, one other reason people behave in this manner is because of our brethren in point 3 above – they are just avoiding being dragged.

I apparently don’t know all the people on Twitter; what I’ve only done here is to list the kinds of people I come across in my daily sojourn on the street. Perhaps you know others that I didn’t mention, kindly drop your thought.

This article was written by Sanni Oluwaseun; connect with him on IG here 

47 thoughts on “Entry 6: Humans Of Twitter Nigeria

  1. Domnan Edward Anthony · Edit

    Hahaha this is so funny and enlightening. Me I’m among those that go when something is trending and join the train or to verify who said what! We need a category too lol.
    Nice one

  2. Hahahahahaha… Yeah. Twitter does house all of these categories of people. Personal, I fear to drop comments and I get pissed by some ‘mumuness’ so I just keep mute. Nice article, Ajebo

  3. You’re very right I must confess.
    Reasons why I appreciate Twitter more than other media.
    The SAVAGE category makes it more lively tho.

  4. You’re very right I must confess.
    Reasons why I appreciate Twitter more than other media.
    The SAVAGE category made me an addict tho.

    1. Helloooo, is that why we are here?
      Not like I’ve ever said I disagree with her na, I just have my reservations.
      Sha thanks for coming

  5. Olatunji Olamilekan Caleb · Edit

    Hmmmm, interesting read bro, but I must confess I have been trying to find the category I belong, I don’t even have a twitter account, but still manages to follow trends as it happens on Twitter. I don’t know what to call “seeing Twitter on Instagram”. What I mean is trend does happen in just one place now, it may start in a place, but soon enough spreads across “board”.
    So back to the matter, If I were to have an account on Twitter, I will most def be on the observer list.

    1. Yeah, trends can start from anywhere, but it starts from twitter most times these days – twitter sets agenda for the whole of social media.
      You don’t have a twitter account? I think you are an external observer. We will keep your “seat” in the sequel.

  6. Wowwwwwww, lovely write you’ve gat here!!! Savage people add 90% spice on Tweeter, for we the observers (smiles) we are just there to feed our eyes and water our face with smiles……


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