Entry 5 – Misplaced Priorities

It is no news that the youths of today, especially in Nigeria want to amass the wealth of Bill Gates at 23. Fraudulent activities such as cyber crimes fondly called yahoo-yahoo and G+ is now on the rise and about 70% of the Nigerian youths especially the males are involved in this mischief. According to CBN “Draft 2018 Half Year Economic Report”, commercial banks in the country lost ₦12.06 billion to fraud and forgery in the first six months of 2018. While the females can do anything to have a flamboyant and glamorous lifestyle. This drives them into wanting to wear the latest clothes, hairdo and possessing sampling edge-cutting tech phones. They end up becoming victims of these various atrocities.

Stories of how parents and loved ones die mysteriously, to how girls get missing still make the round. What is more worrisome is the alarming number of female corpses, which are found on a daily basis in hotel rooms, bushes and the likes. Not leaving behind the latest scheme of making fast money, which is the use of female panties.

One would sit down and ask why this lifestyle? The reason is what I call misplaced priorities.Youths between the age of 22-28, should have a goal to build oneself academically, acquire skills, be innovative, be industrious and get a decent job or become self employed. Making outrageous sum of money and driving flashy cars should be the least of one’s priorities but no, this is the main goal of youths of today.

The most pitiful thing about this goal is the reason behind it. Just to buy Benz, pick and party with hot babes and be called “OLOWO”. The excuse for their choice of lifestyle is Nigeria’s economy, unemployment and corrupt government. Permit me to say, it is not altogether the fault of the government as unhealthy mindset, lust for money (avarice) and most importantly misplaced priorities have taken the front seats in the hearts of the youth.

The consequences of these actions are detrimental to the country’s reputation. Today, most legit online deals have been struck out simply because a Nigerian party was involved. Nigerians in Diaspora now walk with their heads down because of the shame our youths have brought upon them.

Until the youths of today change their mindset, work hard, be honest, persevere and allow nature take its course while remembering that there is time for everything, I doubt the trend of cyber crimes will be a thing of history in Nigeria.

Parents and guardians should keep a keen eye on their children and question the source of their income; otherwise, this trend will never stop.

Ever more so, the devil-may-care attitude of Nigerian government is unconscionable. They should play their role in providing good jobs for our youths, stop misappropriation of funds and money laundering and be of good example to the youths: Say NO to corruption.

Set your priorities right.


This article was written by Ikwuegbu Benedicta; connect with her on IG here

232 thoughts on “Entry 5 – Misplaced Priorities

  1. This article should be given a louder voice and more projected platform to reach more people in the country. It is so sensitive, enlightening and statistically emphasising and, it was a pleasure getting to read this.

  2. I wish every youth out there should read this.. If you know you indulge in any of the vices discussed above by Benedicta, please today desist from such. Illicit money does no one any good, because one day you will live to regret your actions and the path to wealth which you have chosen.

  3. Nkwopara Chinagorom · Edit

    This is a wonderful piece. I wish all the parties involved, especially the youths,could get to read this article, not only to read it, but to take appropriate actions.

  4. It’s a nice piece I must say, it just outlined what is happening in Nigeria, I think anyone that just read this will take something from here, thumps up

  5. Great read.
    The article makes you question the motives behind yours and others action.
    Priorities, it’s highly neglected but it’s an essential factor in life

  6. Why won’t Gboys go on rampage when we promote them by not criticizing them on every front, through every medium.Vanguard and all other such information corporations need to adopt this piece as theirs. For the sake of relevancy,social currency and a laudable writing skill, this work, in my view, needs to take the top of your list. The water of this work ought to be handsomely rewarded not only for the unwavering boldness to pull th8up but for a well articulated thought and use of finely crafted words. Cheers!

  7. This should be publicised for all Nigerian youths to read.
    Excellent job!! You should be a columnist and write more regularly on contemporary issues.

  8. A really scintillating work on a pertinent and contemporary issue. Well worded and articulated in a short but effective manner. Nice work BB. I look forward to reading more of your works.

  9. …change their mindset, work hard, be honest, persevere and allow nature take its course, while remembering that there is time for everything….TRUTH!!!


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