Entry 39 – 10 Years Overflow: A Piece Of Nigeria In View

In the reality of life, one key attribute can never and will never be undermined. A unique feature that is applicable to both the young and the old, basically between living and non-living things. Interestingly, that common undeniable factor of reality is called TIME. The abyss of time, beyond all manner of natural instincts dwells deeply in our everyday affairs. In recent weeks, a viral trend shook the social media world; #10YEARSCHALLENGE. A simple premise of posting a 2009 photo of yourself next to a 2019 image, to show how much you’ve changed. As a youthful Nigerian, it is indeed an opportunity for one to reflect on the changes we’ve experienced as a national entity.

Simultaneously, this reflection has dramatically evolved like a fleet-footed Antelope on the run coursing through a zigzag motion. Looking back from where we’ve come from, comparing the last ten years to now, there is no doubt that a percentage of over 50% growth has emerged in certain areas. Just like the ten leaping Lords of a Christmas carol, how about we take a leap into the Nigerian Movie Industry. Nollywood, as it’s fondly called has tremendously undergone a unique transformation. Gone are the days of ‘Ije’, ‘The Figurine’, not to forget the popular comedic ‘Osuofia in London’. Now, our movies are taking a world centre stage in movie theatres globally with colourful premieres and explosive record-breaking counts at the box office. Talk of ‘Chief Daddy’, ‘God Calling’, including the riveting soap operas and web serials; Some of which can be watched via an application, thanks to technology. These motion pictures now create deep sparks with meaningful contents in the minds of the viewers.

In the same context, the music scene is not left out of this metamorphic circle. Youthful artistes have snatched the ball of opportunities from the hands of former household names. Cutting across all music genres, from ‘Yahoo oo’ to Adekunle Gold’s ‘Promise’; from ‘Omije Ojumi’ to Tim Godfrey’s ‘Nara e kele mo’. In literal terms, this means that every man has his own time and season; the office of power is not for eternity but only for a brief period that would eventually fly away into thin air. Also, countless improvements have evolved in other areas ranging from Mai Atafo – Toju Foyeh’s creative fashion industry; to the attention demanding social media world, even the corporate field is acknowledged.

Be that as it may, we cannot disregard the fact that some certain phenomenal liquids have spilled into the growth basin of Naija, our homeland. Even with the passing of the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ bill, it’s surprising to see more septuagenarians running for political offices. Terrible blackouts are the order of the day when talking about electricity. Shall we also point to the Federal roads and the devastating transportation systems? Much has changed, yet, more have derailed over time. In reality, it’s not just about what we stand to gain but rather, what we contribute in unison towards the growth of our soon to be – fifty-nine years old nation. Time has indeed flown over us yet its shadow is still lurking around even after a decade.

This article was written by Okupa Oluwatosin; connect with her on IG here

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