The youth are a very crucial part of every society. Unarguable, the youths are the leaders of the future in every nation and are also the partners of today. The youths which are the backbone of every economy and constitutes a large percentage of the nation’s workforce have little or no say when decisions are made in the country. The youths are left to drown in the delusion of the ages cliché “leaders of tomorrow”.

At no time since the creation of the universe has information be readily available as it is today. With the advent of the internet at accessible information at one’s fingertips, one would expect the youths of this generation to be well informed, creative and intelligent but the reverse seems the case. The youths would rather be used as political thugs, engage in unproductive activities, living a life of social media lust, night clubs and partying. These youngsters do not see the need to utilize the internet productively, it is quite saddening. The youths look for easy and quick ways to get rich forgetting that hard work pays. Little wonder that the president once acclaimed that the youths of the country are lazy. The youths are saddled with the responsibilities of taking their rightful place in the society. Most importantly, the youth should be honest and hard working. Youth should stand against all the wrong doings in the country instead of blaming the system, the youths should become a part of the system.

May the labor of our heroes past never be in vain is a statement we mutter in the national anthem, little are we aware that the heroes past were youths that didn’t just sit back and lash out blames but got directly involved in bringing about the change which they seek.

On a recent, survey released by the independent national electoral commission(INEC), it was discovered that the highest number of registered voters were students and those same students are not given access to education at the time being due to the governments inability to meet up with the demands of the universities association.

It is rather glaring that, the leaders we have little or no idea of the power of the youths when it comes to nation building. The youth of today is the driving force of tomorrow. It has some responsibility towards its country, which it must acknowledge and practice. Instead of blaming the system, youth should become a part of the system by together to have one voice and seek solutions to the nation for a better future. If any section of the society in any country is most important for change, again it is the young people. Patriotism comes naturally to young people, but they also respond early to the call of Internationalism.

This article was written by Larry E Ufuoma; connect with him on IG here

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