It has become a norm, a modus operandi for me to glance through random articles ranging from diverse topics of interest to arrays of writers from in and around the globe, when i had an abrupt feeling, the desire and need to address a particular issue. A peculiar one to the African race, an issue that we cannot possibly overemphasise as far as the African nation, space, and everything that pertains to the black skin is concerned, it’s one we have been in a constant wrestle with even before the not so pleasant term was coined, the issue that reeks menace, insecurity, frustration, unemployment, yes it’s the originator  and leading sponsor of corruption, believe it or not, but the facts are there, it has eaten into our existence as a people, grown to form and constitute a major part of our thought process, and its unforgiving and ever relentless, POVERTY!! Yes you heard me, Poverty!!!

The name alone gives me chills all over body, the truth is no matter how much we claim to have been silver spoon bred, at some point in our lives, the whiffs of poverty might have blown into our olfactory with or without our knowledge, and that’s the major problem. Most of us are engraved so deeply in poverty but don’t even know it, more like we have gotten so accustomed to that pattern of life, and we think it’s normal, I mean in  a world where things are dynamic and novel ideas are becoming obsolete before you can say Jack Robinson, I think it’s just preposterous to come to the reality that we still struggle with basic needs, things they wouldn’t necessarily consider success in other part of the world, has become achievements to brag and worship in our ecological space, and we wonder why we are poor. Poverty is indeed a state of mind. We waste endless hours performing tasks that we shouldn’t spend as much stress, time or energy engaging in, considering the state of geometric growth in technology the industrial revolution boasts of, but ours is a sad reality.

Not until we wake up form our slumber and realise the things that need to be put in place, the standards that need to be attain, and set, the level at which we are expected to operate in as 21st century citizens, poverty is still alive and kicking and needs to be eradicated from our narrative when the Black race comes into mind.


This article was written by Mickey Fols; connect with him on Instagram here


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