The obsession with getting high in recent times have become overwhelming, young people tend to explore this perception of being “high” in a bid to feel a certain way not minding the harmful health effect. In fact, getting high has become such a priority.

What comes to mind? chances are that you are probably wondering what getting high could mean and what it feels like to be high.

Drugs, psychoactive drugs have the effect of affecting the mind or mental processes to give you that high feeling. Certain drugs that contains certain chemical activates certain receptors in your brain which in turn releases chemicals which gives a feel of euphoria.

Young people tend to want to get high for a number of reasons ranging from stress relieve, social acceptance, experimentation, depression, an increased appetite and lots more.

Speaking with a mate of recent, I got to know that taking cannabis commonly known as “weed” unlocks and increases your creativity and helps to sparkle up ones social life

“You get your best ideas when you are high”

“take it, you are good” he said.

one might want to take these as a myriad of benefits

The media is not left out, it has actively played a role in portraying or promoting this act while young people have developed a more tolerant attitude towards it .in fact, it appears to have been socially accepted.

The most commonly abused and misused drugs in Nigeria today are tramadol and codeine the overdose of which has tremendous side effect. These are usually mixed up with drinks …why we might not leisurely want to take a sip from a friends drink.

It is quite funny how the “science” of this came to be.

Clearly, getting high comes with the whole slough of side effect, and even more so, means put in place to curb this act is down for the count.


This article was written by Abisoye Ajinde; connect with her on IG here

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