Hijab on bum short or is it hot pant they call this skimpy shorts ladies put on? Blame me not, I know not the difference. But the sight of “an Alhaja” in bum shorts caught my attention like it’s probably catching your attention too right now. She gently cat-walked right across the street, and sure you could guess right, she had a barrage of stares on her as she walked past. Well, it is all fashion right? And she looked cute in the style anyway. But she got judged that day by many onlookers especially the religious ones. I was stuck in the middle of whether to appreciate her cuteness, bravery, and intuition or to judge her for being deviant. That’s the life in Lifestyle.

Fashion trend is a constant discourse in the society and many times the emphasis is on the style in the lifestyle. Yeah, fashion is a lifestyle. As the old ones give way, new ones sway and people can get really judgmental on the choice of style. The other day a friend of mine had put on sneakers on a native wear and tagged it ‘deviant fashion’. Few years’ back one dare not try such as people will never understand it to be trendy. People’s lifestyle is largely defined by what they wear and how they appear, thus making fashion a lifestyle.

Even though every style of dressing is accepted as fashion these days, yet the society frowns at some form of indecency in the lifestyle. I am not a fashionista neither am I a fashion judge, (I don’t even come close to being one), but I do have eyes for beautiful look and keep up with fashion trends to know that people are inspired to choose a certain style of dressing or appearance. Many times we judge the life by the style (appearance) thus making true the saying “you are addressed by the way you are dressed”.

Dressing is a lifestyle, meaning there is a life and a style to it. The style portray the life as it is an extension of the person’s personality. Many times people have attempted to correct unwholesome dressing lifestyles in the society to no avail. This is because we focus on (attacking) the style instead of the life. Touch the life and the style will change. Instead of judging the style in the lifestyle, we simply need to impact the person (life) and the style will change.

This article was written by Omotayo Okanlawon; connect with him on IG here  

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