Entry 12 – Cultural movies or Streeto-Cultural movies

Instincts tell us that cultural movies are way off balance in today’s contemporary society. Long gone are the days when cultural movies were seen as the mirror to our roots and lamp to our cultural morals. Could it be that cultural movies are losing their flavour or that flavour is at loggerheads with cultural movies? Could it be that we are just the careless ones that brush aside the flavour because we have a substitute already or that the flavour in the local movies brushes us aside instead?

However, we don’t even need to bit back old history as an evidence of the positive impact of cultural movies on us. The fresh past is enough to challenge our instincts that the cultural images we see on the screen serve as a mint that carves out our socio-cultural knowledge. We wouldn’t deny the fact that some of us became a kingpin of our dialects through local movies. Even some other heavy chunks of Igbo, Hausa traditionalism and the likes that we digest on the screen affirm this proposition. Most times, images and simulations speak louder than words.

There is of course a fat line between what we called our cultural movies in the fresh past and the fresh present. Strangely, I wouldn’t tread on common grounds and say that those who lose themselves in simulations to ensure that our culture is born in us are to be blamed. If there is anyone that deserves to be served a dinner of blame, it is the youths. The reason cannot be stretched too far. Gradually, maybe totally, we are losing sight of what connects us to the present and constantly craving for the illusions of now.

It is best to point to the fact that the leathery meat that refuses to be chewed easily is the orientation we get from the cultural movies of today. They do not truly reflect the true attributes of the past. Unfortunately, the muses behind these movies are of the mind that many youths have lost interest in their ancient dramas due to the wind of civilisation. The effect is that the private actors go totally out of the line to satisfy the illusions of the stray dogs. This is not an item of blame neither is it an avenue to justify the nonchalant attitude of the youths towards cultural movies.  Truth be told, it is not everyone that can be struck by the wind of time, so are some youths that still have unique interest in ancient dramas regardless. This is of course a tripod of observation that even when youths depart from the way, the apathy of the youths towards the way should not be stronger enough to make the way imitate them and destroy the originality of the way. Re-echoing late Chinua Achebe, “when a tradition gathers enough strength to go on for centuries, you don’t just turn it off one day.”


This article was written by Ajayi Mary; connect with her on Instagram here


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    1. Uniquely made,thanks for being the first to summon up courage and climb the ladder of these comments.It was indeed a great start just like you said ‘great piece’s😂

    1. Yeah,it is of course an awesome chess piece because i have awesome people around. Yeah,you are one of them.Thanks for coming by but next time,click on the notify me by email button so that I don’t become a solitary talkative here.

  1. Hm, this is the problems our youths are facing nowadays, no respect for our own cultural values that’s why they tend to subscribe to movies of other genre. Maybe this write up is just what we need to see our own culture in a fascinating way.

  2. It’s a great thing that you are reminding us of our culture. Indeed,Culture speaks roots. It speaks identity; with this same voice it speaks responsibilities. I believe in your clarion call to youths to arise and secure our collective heritage . More grease to your elbow,Mary !

  3. The kind of view that our current youth needs, let’s embrace and appreciate our own cultural movies and overhyping others. Our movie stars need to step up too.

    1. Of course,one cannot borrow leaf from a bird and claim to be the owner afterwards.Heinous stuffs will happen,the bird will feed on you when you claim its dinner fraudulently.

    1. Nothing stops you from gaining something worthwhile from your roots.Some would say that you can never receive honour through your roots because your root knows you more than anything would do but I beg to differ.You have not received honour because you did not strive to stand out.

          1. Ah…you are becoming envious already.that laughter is not valid..where is my fancy fan? Law you won’t do so that you can know some basic things…when everything na nursing, intramedullary pin, syringe and science.

          2. Are we in a battlefield? Let a play be a play o…every profession is unique now but a doctor cannot be a nurse not can a lawyer be a doctor.Abeg,don’t distract my people here o.Let them not get confused that we are already immersed in a different topic.

          3. Egbami,erami👧ejoor,who started it all? I am taking a bow already,straight outta here.Nice article once more but you are still going to eat those words up here whether it is a joke or not

  4. Anyway,i like this part in your article,when a tradition gathers enough strength to go on for centuries, you don’t just turn it off one day.” it is very nice.I am storming out of here😎

          1. Wetin? I brought you here to stop worshipping all your nonsense anime like a god and remember your Ibo origin,you are here talking….😀don’t let me complete my words.

          2. But an eagle is not beyond surprises…heavy surprises…shock and all.just like traditions too…traditions is suffering because it is never above shock and surprises from people.People portrays it in the way they think it should be not necessarily what it is..So,it will just shock you that what you have in mind and what you are going to write out here to complete my word may be out of line because I can easily change it😂😂😂🙌

          3. I actually have it in mind to attack you with some funny jabs but you are actually making sense.Don’t you think we should have a foundation centre? Something like a cultural foundation I will be the financial director for the centre,practically,i will be in charge of the sums that come out of your cultural preaching and you will be the managing director..I will really be a good financial director… seriously,i won’t chop your money finish…just chikini amount😂😂😂😂😂😹😸

          4. That’s because I will soon be part of your cultural foundation centre. .so,i need that virus.Not all virus can kill.Some virus refreshes one.😂😂

          5. So your traditions is the necessary evil now?…it is the virus that could be harmful and refreshing.You are actually right to some extent but in this context,you are painfully wrong..Pele..I didn’t go really far with my article.. No wonder you didn’t doubt your weirdness😂😂😂😂

          6. Now I get..is that the reason you don’t speak up for your root and just silently stick to your anime? And you think at that rate,presumptions that you don’t value your values and your traditions will not crop up…Even if you didn’t agree with me,presumptions will always be right…why? Because they are probabilities.. they are likely
            …even if you bring certainties to challenge it,your certainties can’t change the fact that it is a probability…Both Probability and Certainty have their place in a way.

          7. Bae,it has not reach that stage.Why are you denying your origin now? When you become successful here now,you will now start blushing that you are one original Ibo and Nigeria.😂😂😂😂

          8. Bae Wetin? The fact that i don’t dress like Ibo,watch Ibo movies or listen to Ibo songs does not mean that I would deny my roots.You are denying your root.It is very wrong.

          9. Aspersions are not allowed here.This place is strictly for people who values the damage that could come from foul mouth and cultural denial😂😂😂😈

          10. Always by your side,fam.We don’t shout😏we are the real cultural models.I am the real son of my father.The only giant of Okechukwu household.Even if we live in mud houses,i will never underrate the ties that binds.

          11. You told me for better for worse,to defend me when any chicken oppress me because of traditions.You have just eaten your words!😥 Mary has been oppressing me with this cultural thing since like forever and all you could do is just to laugh up your sleeves at me and just support her Is that right at all?

          1. You are not an exception,babe.How is it your business? You wouldn’t do this ordinarily when school torture your life with heavy lectures and tests👀

          2. That’s why Wondy is the love of my life💎💗💋💖💕❣️💟💝💞.Dude does not rattle anyhow.This one’s mouth is just patterned like a tap water that has no lock.I love you Wondy

          3. Annette,this is not swear words page now…mind your words and truth be told,this is too much…I don’t need to go further…you know it is wrong.

          4. Is it wrong to appreciate a person for who he is? It is just like appreciating your traditions,it doesn’t mean that you despise other traditions.There is no swear word here, bae

          5. I am sure Mikel won’t take her words seriously,she is always like that.It is not wickedness…it is what makes a big bundle of fun😸

      1. There is something from the midpoint of your article that caught my attention…Are you saying that cultural movies is the only viable means through which we can actually identify the values that underlies our tradition?

    1. Don’t get me wrong ..that is not what I meant.You are already aware that you don’t have to watch this movies to learn your traditions but what I am insinuating is that cultural movies is just one of the most interesting ways to learn about different cultures and you might be lucky,your culture might be part of it

          1. Annette,i am a serious guy o.I just needed to understand that area well because that was what hooked me to this platform in the first place before you guys destroyed everything with jokes and almost made me lose sight of my purpose here

          2. Seriously wonderful, psychology says that people tends to learn more from what they see than what they are just merely told.Common sense says that simulations on screen lures one to learn.Logic is the end product.It all applies to cultural movies

          3. If I understand you well,you meant that cultural movies is the most viable because it attracts people to learn and that one would obviously not forget what one saw or something.Is that it?

          4. It is not your business now…are you not part of the brainwasher? I wanted to ask this question the first time I visited this website but what I saw made me lose focus .. noises here,there and everywhere☺️

          5. But it does not apply to everyone… someone like me do not enjoy traditional movies…. how do you expect me to learn from what I dislike? Of course,i like my origin but movies cannot be an evidence of my love for my origin…it is not possible

          6. This is getting livelier…I wished we had started this argument earlier… Joe,your argument is flawed and the flaws surfaced from where you started to include yourself.The article cannot possibly involve everyone…it is just like a general view

          7. Am I not an human being? I am Sure that they are lots of people out there with similar views…so you don’t just conclude without exceptions…you are the one with a flawed argument

          8. The purpose has no specific purpose in the first place… it is just for people to air their views and express themselves and i don’t think that i have exceeded that boundaries… whether i joke, smile or even banter, it is still a way of expressing myself… it doesn’t have to reflect the purpose of the platform

  5. Sadly, you are the only petty one here. Seriously, we are nice sets of people. I don’t seem to understand you anymore. Are you teasing us or you are actually serious with all these funny acts? I don’t get, i know you are smarter than this. Don’t disgrace me here, dude.Gosh guy…..

    1. I understand all you said completely. Everyday is not christmas but if it is not everyday for you, it shouldn’t be at the detriment of those that cares about you if you are not happy about some stuffs in your life.

    1. Bae, we are actually easy on him. Do you know what Joe said to me when I DM him? He is a crazy freak…He was telling me to go and die with my Urhobo traditions.

        1. He meant it, wonderful. He was serious. i can tell when he is joking or not.He is still going to pay for that. Even if i swallow it all, how would i forget the words that my origin is not helping me? he was mouthing trash

          1. Are trying to defend Joel? He is pulling stunts to hurt people without any earthly reason? Does that even make any sense? You dudes are birds of a feather.

          2. I can’t fight you Na…you are my personal person…I am just disappointed with the way you are taking the whole thing knowing fully well that Joel needs beating…

          3. Exactly Wonderful…Everyone knows that both Joel and Annette can never be separated because they are both weird..so let’s not disturb ourselves on their matter

          4. Mary…sorry I am going to disturb you with many questions concerning culture…it is of course something that I can just solve with Google or even chat you up privately but for the essence of the platform maybe for other individuals on the platform to learn one or two things ..I deem it fit to do so..I am writing a project on stuffs like that…so I need not just ideas but interactive ones…Annette,Michelin and Joel can join…I don’t mind…it is just to learn and carve out something to write.

          5. How do you understand culture? You obviously know that I don’t need any common meaning..I just need something substantial from your creative point of view

          6. Culture in real sense of it is not only ethnically oriented.In fact,bulks of what culture is not totally from the way you sing or do all sorts of things in your tribe.

            I feel it is more nationalistic in nature that is to say,it houses our identity and individuality….if I am a fan of cowboy hats or even native attire and I wear them always, it is my culture…it is what shapes me…My love for cowboy hats does not have to come from my origin or so

          1. That everything about culture is painfully tied to origin… do you know why? Even what your penchant for some things is likely to be influenced by your origin even though you are not totally immersed in it.

          1. I may like an hat as flat and big as cowboy hats because my origin is fulani… although i have seen other tribes wear it but something must have pushed them

          2. It looks like you cannot relate..the problem is not the argument but okay,this is what I meant…I meant that you cannot separate culture and origin… culture cannot exist without origin and origin cannot exist without culture

          3. I understood everything back to back …you are really right but just that, you are taking your argument too far..stuffs like origin and culture cannot exist without themselves but I wouldn’t agree to that….it is too lame…I can have a culture without any influence from my origin…I can decide to twist my body like one Mexican geek when I am a Nigerian and Yoruba girl..with that,i have a culture….A self made culture

          4. Alright Mary…I really like the way you arranged your response…it is logical and well defined(as per here o,not the article). However,there is something that bothers my mind still…are you trying to nullify the general conception of culture even with that?

          5. Why not? It is because your mind is drawn out to only the general conception of culture ….i feel that’s why you think my response nullifies this general conception..it is because you are not looking at it from a different angle…

          6. In summary,i didn’t nullify the general conception with my response…I only try to look at other angles in which it can be seen.It doesn’t mean what I know as culture is not culture again…it just means that there are other things that are actually showing that culture has gone beyond traditions

          7. Ha Mary🤢😖😞this is intentional…you know that I don’t have the brain to catch things quick like that… which one is Obama haircut is a culture now when it is not Afang soup?

          8. 😛😂Your Obama haircut is your self made culture because it is your way of life ..it is part of you..no one can separate you from it… even though it is not an element of your traditions(as per tribe), you have managed to carve this out as your way of life

          9. You are a boss,Mary but I have not finish with you…we are in this till this platform start losing appetite for comments… people has to learn while I write my project from these interactives…at least with what, when i resume,i can say that I imparted knowledge while I learnt during the hol

          10. Since we have clarified the conceptualization of culture…here is the next thing…do you think we really need culture to sustain our individuality?

          11. Dude,this is basic common sense.You have the right to live the way you want…you may not have to impose a particular thing on yourself so as to really live as you

        1. Network issues.i thought it didn’t go initially..so I reloaded and the comments doubled.Back to our discussion,really your question is like a battlefield; battlefield of the mind really but I will try my best to do justice to it..I think there are some stuffs in your culture maybe elements that can make people stereotype you..take for instance,in Yoruba,every Yoruba state has something called ‘oriki’ …it is called adulation of some sort…it is an element of their culture…it showcases the likely character that you would find in any of the individuals that originate from it…each state is peculiar for one or more character….when you see people from a particular and they behave in a particular manner,it is easy to trace them to their origin.. oh this is how they behave here…this is how they behave there even if of a truth,the way you behave was just coincidental with it

      1. Dude,everyone is a slave to abandonment o jare…even your culture con dey ditch person how much some persons that are not even close to bring your culture

        1. Let’s just face the business of the day. Mary, where are you at? Someone please help me dial a number… i have been trying it for a while now… it has been going off

          1. 🙄🙄🙄😯😶get serious for once,dude please.We are ready to listen today but if you really fuck up,you will really be spanked by me

          1. Alright guys…the first scene of the movie was shockingly crazy…At first,i thought it was an English movie with the heavy bulks of grammar that oozes out of the actors mouth.

  6. Could you guys believe that it was actually a Yoruba movie with American background song,martial arts and all sorts of trash?You know when I saw it,i was crying for our culture from within… the tragic scenes in there didn’t even got me…it was the inferiority complex that we have for our culture that got me..

      1. The movie just read a very bad interpretation to me…. something like we are not proud of our individuality and collectivity as a culture…. even though I am in…it pained me really…that is why we are still being controlled…we can’t stand on our two feet😒😓😔

        1. It is really bad ….I have come across even worst movies…movies that I thought to be like a culture guides all just remains a disappointment… that was what motivated my write-up in d first place

  7. Our beliefs about culture should be a personal thing…so when things go wrong with some persons… know that it is their beliefs suffering not yours😘🤗

  8. Bae,you are making the realest sense.If culture were to be a personal,then Mary couldn’t have written anything about cultural movies because it is going to be like nosyparker paparazzi🤔😌

    1. I actually agree with your point🤔I am only lashing out an opinion…Joe,where art thou? Come and complete the story of the movie you were talking about o🤓

  9. There was a scene in which a guy in the movie was butchered by his gf with an hammer during a brawl…she has anger issues .

    All their conversations were in English

    Even the background music that echoes the death of the guy was an American song..the girl escaped with one fuck language…and it is Yoruba movie..I just stopped the TV with anger…shit of all shits…plus it didn’t end well😨😳

          1. I can’t disclose the title too😌 but it is familiar somehow… but this time,it was the guy…he just used the bae for money rituals and at the end of the movie,he was being chased by the dead body of the bae.. the guy spoke English from the beginning to the end…last time I checked,he bears one strong Yoruba name like that and he didn’t look to be born or bred overseas…the movie does not make any culture sense😳