Entry 11 – Living Young

I just got into my twenties so I’m officially no longer a teen (even though my church refuses to recognize that fact and still group us with teens). But hey, that’s their business.

I’m a girl with wild imaginations, I was supposed to be driving my own car to school everyday and I wasn’t even supposed to school in Nigeria but here I am experiencing yet another ASUU strike. Things don’t always work out the way we imagine them, do they?

So what am I doing with this holiday? Well I’ve been checking out investment options. I’ve watched YouTube videos (because we all know everything is on YouTube like seriously even how to have your bath) and then I checked my good old friend Google (of course). I’m a student and I don’t have much money. So I’m focusing more on short term low risk investment options.

What are you doing with your holiday? I have friends who are learning how to bake cake (God has started answering my prayers) and some are into fashion design (again God is a miracle worker). Now when I started the holiday investment wasn’t really my plan but I saw a YouTube video about a guy who retired at 26 and from there you know YouTube, all these videos started popping up on making money young( you will be surprised how many there are)

Why am I telling you all of this? This holiday made me realize something. As youths, maybe it’s because of the economic recession we experienced at an early age or seeing our parents struggle but a lot of youths these days have taken the motto “hustle till I make am”, “this life I must enjoy”, “if we no make money wetin we gain”.  No one is waiting around anymore for some fairy God mother ( I’m still jealous of Cinderella), We want to make it and we want to make it BIG AND YOUNG.

We put so much pressure on ourselves as youths, society doesn’t even need to. We allow what we see to pressure us. We compare ourselves with people living abroad, with things that we see on the ‘Gram’. Who doesn’t want such a life but what lengths are you willing to go just for some cash. That’s what we need to ask ourselves.

We will be young only once, we shouldn’t been focusing on getting money but instead building skills ( not just Technical but social, trust me) and making connections. Find something you’re passionate about, a good number of the richest people on Earth now are making money doing what they love and even the Young successful people are doing what they love (just check Instagram). Sometimes we just do things because other people are doing it and making money from it but don’t forget all fingers are not equal.

So my holiday mantra: Find what you love and turn it into a million bucks!

Being young is about discovering yourself at your pace.


This article was written by Igbine Anita Mary; connect with her on Instagram here

413 thoughts on “Entry 11 – Living Young

  1. Thank you for this write up. please Anita, how do i know my pace, how do i know i am living up to my potential and not below?
    and what if what i love doing has no market value, what should i do?

    1. Your pace is up to you. You don’t owe anyone but yourself success. Don’t allow anyone rush you. I’m not saying you should become lazy and complacent, no, but let it be you.
      And if what you love has no market value? A couple of years ago a lot of what we do now didn’t exist. There’s Instagram influencers now, people give game reviews, movie reviews even song reviews on YouTube and they’re making money, even makeup wasn’t the big industry it is now. All we had were Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers but the world is more diverse. You could be the one to make it have market value. Don’t be afraid to try, even if you fail that’s the fun in being young, you can always try again or find something new (even though I’ve seen old people discover themselves and move on to do what they love).
      Be you.

  2. If we no make money wetin we gain?
    That’s the 2018 motto.
    But living your best life doesn’t need the unnecessary pressure we mount on ourselves as youth. @22 I have a running business and I know first hand the pressure of making it big and not being a failure/disappointment but true me its a steady growing process.just stay focused.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Really there’ no need for the pressure we put on ourselves. I’m happy you found something you love doing so young. It’s not an easy thing to start a business.

  3. So true, so true,
    but this days you still need money to acquire a skill, me i need 80k to acquire the skill of my choice, its quite cheap for the skill i want to aquire but i don’t have the money.

    1. True, I once wanted to take a course and the amount it cost in dollar when converted to Naira was unbelievable. So I started looking for free courses first that teach the same thing even if not as good. I googled tutorials and watched videos on YouTube. If I have the money I’ll still regisi for the course but in the meantime I’m not going to just sit and wait. Do what you can now

  4. I’m really proud of you. Your post is well written and in tone with the realities of today. Now with the ASUU strike, some youths are willing to do anything all in the name of “if we no drive benz” wetin we gain. We should be more productive and not let all these get rich schemes get to us

    1. Exactly! Like a life that is lived only in search of wealth is only half lived. We should aim to learn, dream and work towards those dreams. To truly make money, one should look around and see what is lacking and how you bridge that gap by providing a good or service. It should not be by detrimental schemes

  5. wow!!!
    Nice piece Anita…
    Las Las this Asuu strike nobe bad thing ooo😜😜😜… cuz it just made you do something spectacular….

  6. If we no make money wetin we gain?

    if you no get money, hit you face…

    Those are the lyrics that greet our ears over the airwaves. And sadly too, those are the lyrics that exposes the true nature of our society and the lack of ideals in our youths. Everybody wants quick wealth because success is measure by the quality of phone you use or car you drive. There is no true connection. No quest to start little, to develop our minds and build something. The narrative out there is quick wealth…. It’s sad, really sad for a country that many of us hope to squeeze some happiness and self fulfilment from. Dishonesty has so raised the bars that it has become difficult for people to appreciate honesty and principles…..

    Did this piece capture the problem as well as a solution? That’s a definite yes!

    Coming from someone in her early twenties, I’d say ” Beautiful”

    Thank you Anita my far-near distant friend

    1. It’s really disheartening that this is the society we have to grow up in but I believe we can make a change. It’s not going to be a quick one but I believe slowly and gradually we’ll get it right

  7. This is lovely and inspiring I must confess, those of us in school would understand, the urge to make it these days is really alarming that we end up losing ourselves in it, the best thing is just to find yourself, do what makes you happy, and remember life is short so do what you love while you still have a chance.
    Thumbs up baby girl

    1. Exactly! I know we want to be rich but even the rich say that if you want to make money, look for a solution to a problem and you’ll get paid for it. You can’t be “chasing money”


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