Understanding Emotional Intelligence for Peak Business and Professional Performance

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy doing business/working with a certain person or why a particular person is like the most sort after professional in an industry?  Often times, we have heard of hardworking individuals who reached leadership positions but failed and also of people who seem under-qualified for leadership role but performed outstandingly beyond expectations, the difference and reason is emotional intelligence.

To work and successfully do business repeatedly with others, one needs thorough self knowledge, self management, empathy, motivation and relationship skills. These skills are the core components of emotional intelligence. Every other important skill can elevate you and also sets you apart but emotional intelligence makes you complete internally and also endears you to partners and colleagues. The EI has gained global acceptance and most multinational corporations and their executive have attributed their growth and success to practicing it, its five components are:

Self Awareness

Having complete understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, feelings and how they affect others is very important. This can be achieved through proper self evaluation, if you have knowledge of how you perform when deadline is given, how you react to situations and what your limitations are, you will easily give up the negatives, adapt and also improve faster.

Self Regulation

Impulses and emotions are part of our daily lives and managing them prevents us from embarrassing ourselves and severing relationship in the business environment. It takes confidence and optimism to resist shouting at employees when mistakes happen, executives with confidence will rather take the route of explanation and correction rather than flare up. Self regulation helps you manage your relationship with suppliers, workers, clients and even competitors.


Do you sincerely have feelings for and care about others especially those you work with? When you show concern for people’s feelings especially in their down moments you get closer to their hearts and closeness is good for work and business. Always take that extra step to ask what worries an employee, partner or client when you see them in gloom and especially when their work begins to get affected. Playing the brother keeper’s role has helped to promote business relationships for ages.


What drives you? Some persons will say it is passion while others will say it is money. Understand what motivates you as that is where your success and continuity lies because when you are propel inwardly or outwardly to do something you will do it extra-ordinarily.

Relationship Skills

Making and keeping relationship is the gateway to easy success. Imagine having the who’s who in the country among your list of genuine friends, major things you want will be a phone call away. Learn to respect people and befriend them genuinely taking special days in their lives seriously and business or work will just be fine.


Written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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