Where is Di’ja? [Entry 18]

“…boy, you’re all that I want,

cos you got what I need…”

I am quite sure you already know which song has the above lyrics and you might even be singing it in your head. Again, maybe like me, you are wondering where the artiste is, the delectable, sweet and petite Di’ja of Don Jazzy’s Mavin crew.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is usually replete with a lot of one-hit wonder artistes [this is no mockery of Cobhams sensational One Hit track] i.e. artistes who release a single track and the whole nation is jamming and grooving and thumping their feet and clicking their fingers to the music but that is just about the last of them.

For Di’ja, after releasing her wonder song Yaro which was a beautiful one because it had a mix of English, Hausa and Krio language, she went on to do a number of collaborations including the Mavins hit song Dorobucci then another Mavins fans delight, Adaobi.

She then went on to release her own rendition, the one that got all the boys wishing they could cuddle up her at night, the one that got the girls screaming for more and singing to  their boyfriends on cold, rainy nights, the hit song Awwn. Call her the rave of the movement then and you would not be far from the truth. The song became a lover’s anthem especially for the girls and one can guess that Mavins boss, Don Jazzy would have been glad that he signed this Nigeria- Sierra Leone beauty.

However, all that was in 2014. Four years have passed and our dear Di’ja has not staged the much awaited comeback. And interestingly, she has been up in the kitchen cooking and releasing tracks but none ever manages to achieve or reach the tag- hit track.

In 2015, she released “Looku Looku” which enjoyed massive airplay for a while but soon faded into nothing. Not to be daunted, she released “Take Kiss” which had the same short reign in the Nigeria music scene but also went into oblivion and the last I personally do know of her is her 2017 song “Air”.

2018 is almost over and I am sure, few like me are still waiting to hear her voice over the radios in a beautiful rendition but while we anticipate, I am forced to ask, where is Di’ja? Or maybe where is Hadiza Blell?


This article was written by Edaki Timothy; connect with him on IG here

32 thoughts on “Where is Di’ja? [Entry 18]

  1. Nice one. Been looking out for her too. Not just her, but other ‘one-hit’ artistes. I hope they get to see this and know that we want a vibe from them. Good piece!

  2. This article is one of the best I’ve read so far and even if the writer doesn’t win, I hope he gets a deal to write more for this magazine. Its a brilliant work.

  3. I don’t agree that Dija’s return is a ‘much awaited comeback’, much as she gave us a gift with Awwwn, I can’t help thinking that her contributions to the music industry might have ended just there.

  4. nice one……..but cobhams was just stating reality and i don’t anticipate Di’ja comeback that much and i am not sure people as much do.

  5. Interesting. I enjoyed listening to Awwn. Dija has a terrific voice and Lol, I like the line about Don Jazzy smiling that he got her signed. Creative

  6. What got me in this article was the allusion to Cobhams One Hit song. Beautiful, I have perused through the other entry and this is one of the most creative I have read. The writer seems to be coming from a place of ennui and he wants to ask questions that we all should be asking about our entertainment industry. I am highly mesmerized by his choice of words and the way he juxtaposes then. I hope he wins and well, if he doesn’t, I hope he gets a deal with Tush Magazine to create more awesome content. I would like to read more of this Timothy guy.

  7. I think the best expression to use is wow!!!! U got us thinking though. Nice article, perfectly perfect if there’s a word like that. Keep it up and keep it burning, you’re going places


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